What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


In that case online may be your friend.


There’s your problem. Wigan and authentic = mutually exclusive


Authentically shite, I’ll give you that.

Actually, we have a couple of decent breweries here, so it’s not so bad really, and you can have a decent night out in town to be fair.

Shame The Casino’s gone though, it’d do a bomb with the nostalgia crowd these days.


Did you ever go to the Northern Soul all- dayer / all-nighters Rob ?


Not my scene really Allan, but a few of the guys I work with are massively into it, and come back buzzing for days on end, so I wouldn’t mind giving it a go, although I hate dancing and amphetamines so it might be wasted on me…


I do love a lot of the music but have moved away from the “scene” over the years - full of the usual cliques thing


It’s amazing how widespread the Casino scene was spread though. For instance I was in Cornwall at Easter, and in the tiny little village pub I saw a guy with a tattoo of the Casino logo and his membership number*.

He’d lived in Cornwall all his life, and used to drive up after work on Friday, and drive back home Sunday.

*I’ve actually seen this abroad too, including a few yanks who were stationed over here in the 60’s/70’s but still regularly went to the weekenders at the Pontins at Ainsdale etc.


I was too young for the Casino and the Twisted wheel etc but have gone to a fair few weekenders over the years which were brilliant.

There was new revival scene up here but it was full of utter twats so it was then I decided to back off.



Grapefruit overload


Steak for dinner, so big (16%) Oz red time! :smiley:


Big glassful too :sunglasses:


It’s a small bottle :grin:


I honestly worry for you @Jim

Anyway, next up


I was gifted this to take home from the soiree…



Usually up to £10ish but £6.75 at Asda after 25% off for 6. 14% Big mouthfeel and smooth. Bargain.