What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Yes that’s better :grinning:



I have approximately fuck all to do at work for the next two days.

Tomorrow shall be spent with a hangover.


Good move, just don’t drive to work in the morning. :wink:


The traffic moves so slowly, no one would notice if I fell asleep.

I shall take my velocipede as per usual.


I will be hungover as well probably after a few more beers and tunes. You deserve it after putting up with all that fucking shit in work.


I am not normally one for Schadenfreude. However, I have repeatedly warned them of the consequences of letting key people go without due planning.

I have an inside woman who promises to apprise me of the coming pain they will suffer.

Muhahahaaaaaaa :smiling_imp:






Aldi’s Sea Dog Spiced Rum voted the worlds best.


yes I know, glass fail


Unfiltered pilsner, apparently


I’m on 4-day weeks at the moment using up annual leave, so starting the weekend early with a local brew




I can’t even use I’ve been drinking as an excuse


Need to send a spillchucker to their label supplier.



Sherry cask Whiskey from ALDI
It’s not bad


On special at Lidl. Name isn’t too far off, hardly any flavour. I’ve sampled it so that you don’t have to.


Needs to be in a Leffe or Hoegaaden glass. :grinning: