What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


A couple of these to celebrate my temporary unemployment, and also to warm up my giblets for Six Nations Super Saturday.


or the cat’s bowl - about all it’s fit for


Are you lucky enough to be Welsh?


Lifelong Wales fan, born to Welsh parents in Bristol.


That’s close enough for me. Cymru am byth.


Iechyd da


Did you see the Psyche festival in Cardiff in May? Bastard Wizard Lizard or suchlike are playing.


No, hadn’t seen that. I saw MWWB play a couple of years ago in a pub here. They were pretty good.


Islet are playing (first album is blinding) plus El Goodo, who’s output is very good.


I got early bird tickets for this https://www.astralfestival.com, which was what Bristol Psych Fest has morphed into this year.


I had some of that the other week, won’t be bothering again.


hmmmm Heineken, we are 30 mins early for the Pizza place. So we popped into the Rats Castle for a quickie…hmmmm this really is a local pub for local people…


Just no


closest pub to Nonnos


As bad as the name suggests?


I got mine too. Not looking likely I can go now though :rage:


I know, and the pizza is decent there, but… no…


This is going down well.


amazing imperial stout, from the very last batch of Yellow Belly to be made


The Barn ?