What good things have you found on Bandcamp recently?

I still find myself stumbling across stuff on Bandcamp, or via other people’s recommendations. If you use Bandcamp, and you find something nice, tell the rest of us please.

Today I bought the entire back catalogue of Ill Considered for £28 (including VAT) as a FLAC download. Details here:

I had been waiting to grab the vinyl having missed out on the original pressings but the d/l will be more than OK given it costs about the same as a single LP. Highly recommended for all you jazzers…

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Followed that link and played 30 seconds on me phone. Right up my rue :+1::+1:

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I find quite a lot of stuff via Bandcamp, so will contribute to this thread.

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Lokkhi Terra meets Dele Sosimi - CUBAFROBEAT

Love this LP :grinning:

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That looks like the veritable dog’s danglies. Thanks!

Mulling over changing the title of the thread to ‘Explain to your family why you gave all the money to Bandcamp’ already.

I’ve been trying not to go bonkers with this lot:

I have a few of their LPs. All are magnificent. The temptation to buy the others (yes all of them) is very, very strong.


It’s my album of the year so far.

I’ve got a couple from there. I was seriously tempted to buy the whole lot

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I think this thread needs locking and deleting soon ££££££££… :cry::cry::cry:

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Probably not to many people’s taste, but my album of the year 2018 (I think)

I shall give that a listen. FWVLIW, this was probably the best thing I bought on Bandcamp last year, released Nov 2018, recorded February 1973.

OK, it is Mingus…but it is new (to me) unreleased Mingus.

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I’ve got a few of the AA Albums; all very good. Some of the older ones do get a bit spendy.

But, then, don’t they all ?

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Purchased just now:

Don’t go there @htm_1968; there is no way back.


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All I’m seeing is a white rectangle there Bob. Any chance of a hint as to what it is you found on Bandcamp please?

Sorry, I was trying to embed a Bandcamp player and it hasn’t worked ! Can anyone shed any light on how to do it properly please.

The particular album I was trying to show is Typewritten by Matt Calvert.

I buy a lot of jazz on the Edition label and they use Bandcamp as their “shop front” for download and CD/LP sales. This exposure has led me into seriously irresistable temptation to buy other music as well ! I do like the whole Bandcamp approach though.

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Thanks for doing that ! My efforts came to nothing - how did you do it ?

No problem. I went to the artist page and simply copied and pasted the URL. Sheer luck…