What good things have you found on Bandcamp recently?

Thanks, Olan,

Also this one :-

Edit :- It worked !

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A very enjoyable guitar playing young woman singer.

Bought her entire output - cheers Yellow :rage:

Kebu always worth watching and on bandcamp

Relatively recent Bandcamp purchases:

First up multiple arrivals from one of the better psyche bands still around, Electric Moon:

Beacon Light Hereafter

This is a split LP with Terminal Cheesecake

Hugodelia Live

Reissue on vinyl of an album I previously only had on CD

New LP/vehicle for Ripley from Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo. Has an Americana take on his usual style:

Rose City Band: Rose City Band

No comment necessary on this. Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips:

His Name Is Alive - All The Mirrors In The House: Early Recordings 1979-1986:

I put this on pre-order ages ago but have just received notification that is has shipped. Warren Defever has produced constantly interesting music that varies wildly in style since I became aware of his work in the mid 1980s via the Livonia LP on 4ad.

Bought the first pressing of this a few months ago. They’re taking pre-orders on the repress now.

Collocutor - The Search

I also bought this :+1:

and have this :+1:

I was a bit underwhelmed initially but it has really grown on me. I notice that Tamar Osborn also appears on this top drawer triple LP from Sarathy Korwar who is also taking pre-orders for a second pressing…

Bit spendy that, at the mo.

It is but the album is a belter. Five jazz musicians and five Indian classical musicians playing live in a converted church in East London. It’s mainly covers - Pharoah Sanders, Alice Coltrane, John McLaughlin, Don Cherry, Abdullah Ibrahim and more. Simply superb.

Bugger !

Purchased :frowning_face:

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A couple of my recent preorders became available for download. Ordinarily I would wait for the vinyl to arrive but this was too tempting:

K3 by Kandodo. It is absolutely astounding, but given it is by 3 of the members of The Heads and features contributions by John McBain, that should be no surprise.

Feckin’ great droney slabs of ambient psyche.

More good jazz/electronica coming out of London.

Reported, and Mods, can we close this fucking thread, NOW ?

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Friday pub + Ólan psyche recommendation = blind purchase

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I absolutely love Kandodo. There was a Liverpool psyche fest a few years back where a Kandodo 5 gig was played. That was all 4 of the members of The Heads and Rich Millman from Carlton Melton. The layers of drones, distortion and feedback were just unbelievable. This nearly captures the intensity. The first two or three tunes are great.

You will probably hate it. :smiley:

Musing on a ticket for PZYK 2020 as they spammed me today…

Listening to this on Spotify just now - very good. A recommendation from Paris DJ’s who are usually pretty good :+1:

Found this recently which I quite like: RF Shannon - Trickster Blues