What good things have you found on Bandcamp recently?

It does in indeed :+1:

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It’s only a 5GB download :man_facepalming:

I’m guessing it’s not 16/44.1

As is the way with these drag and drop compilations, it’s an absolute hotch-potch of every possible bit rate and frequency combination, with one 24/96 ringer that I downsampled.

The main issue with the size is given that it’s electronica, quite a lot of the 66 tracks are 20 to 30 minutes long :laughing:

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Just forget all this faff and get yourself a turntable!

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Well ambient. Free download.

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Looks like they found some old copies


Saw it advertised the other day,any good?

I like it but you can get enough of a flavour playing it off the site to see if you like it. I like putting these electronica downloads onto tape!


Playing now on da spot stu …rattling the rafters as i post .

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I do the same thing. Something about electronic music recorded onto reel tape sounds so good. Nephew when he comes round always points to the mix tape with GLOK, Kraftwerk, M.O.O.N. etc and wants that on first.


Definitely doing this one :metal: :rainbow_flag:

To celebrate it’s 17th anniversary, 1 dolla dolla (or more, obviously).

Butthole Surfers’ Locust Abortion Technician is “name you own price”.

Fans of Orbital might recognise the first track.

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Another “name your price”. Featuring Kurokoma amongst many others.

:metal: :skull: :metal:

Just looking at it, the cover art is a bit iffy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

40% off at Dragonfly and LSD, Youth’s various imprints, with code holidaze40

Seems to work fine for downloads.

$1 (or more) until the 26th.

This is a Very Good Album. You should buy it.

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Artoffact Label Sampler 2022, electronic/postpunk/metal, pay what you want:

Artoffact Records 2022 Sampler | Artoffact Records

Massive Castles In Space tribute to Vangelis

All profits to the Trussell Trust.