What good things have you found on Bandcamp recently?



Band Selects and Re-selects finally added to Bandcamp.


Enjoyed the jam this lot did at the Astral Festival last weekend. It’s jazz of a sort…

I like their “White Tears” LP :+1:

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"Strut revives a lost recording from the archives in January with a 2002 collaboration between acclaimed South African folk singer Vusi Mahlasela, singer songwriter Norman Zulu and Swedish jazz / soul collective Jive Connection.

The links between South Africa and Sweden have long been strong with Sweden one of the most supportive European nations in the struggle against apartheid; the government helped to fund the ANC for decades and Mandela visited the country on one of his first European stops following his release from prison in 1990.

Sotho folk singer Vusi Mahlasela, dubbed “The Voice” Of South Africa, performed at Mandela’s inauguration in 1994 and has enjoyed his own long relationship with Sweden, regularly embarking on cultural exchanges and forging a strong bond with the Jive Connection band, featuring guitarist / bassist Stefan Bergman and Little Dragon drummer Erik Bodin within its line-up."

A bit of a low fi recording but closer to funk than folk or soul, boogies along!

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Came out a few days ago.

I shall be investing later this morning.


I wonder what, if any, difference this change of ownership will mean.

Hopefully they don’t fuck it up.

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It should be a more natural pairing, but, well… We shall see…


Hurr, munneh.

:pensive: :rage:

Oh fuck…

That is really fucking depressing.

And now we sit back and watch Bandcamp die…

It kind of sounds like they’ve kept the essential techies and binned the editorial staff, because money guys are philistines and Just Don’t Get It.

Yep. Those responsible will then be really surprised as the whole thing slowly goes tits-up and has to be shut-down…

You’d think they’d have learned from the Hifi Wigwam Débacle!

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Go on Mike @MJ2 , you know you want it :laughing:

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Funnily enough, that’s an Album I don’t have but want :frowning:

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I’ve just selected an album at bandcamp for 23.99. UK label.
When I check out it jumps to nearly 29.69 Same for a cd. Not 20% for either so not sure it’s VAT.

Anyone know why??

Edit: says 5.70 tax if you click an obscure link. I don’t recall entering the amount you pay at the purchase price screen ever changing like this!?

AFAIK it has always added VAT at the checkout unless it’s a “name your own price” :man_shrugging:

Their fourth album, 21 years after the first.


I’ve been caught-out the same way for a few bands: subscribe to newsletters, social media feeds, &c - and never hear a dickeybird… Then one day “Ooh! New Album!”, and discover I’ve missed six others in the intervening years… :sleeping: