What I'm watching (Series 2)

Nice, my teacher is the aikido teacher in this. Have been waiting for it to finally get to iPlayer to see him.


Still haven’t got around to watching that, for some reason.

Indeed a shame the original interiors were lost but the work that went into the replacements is certainly impressive.

1899 on Netflix.


It’s on my list to watch next :grimacing:

It’s intriguing but unsure how much.

I’m watching Red Light a Belgium series on Ch 4 catch-up

Allegedly a hopelessly slow start.
Followed by what is a mixed critical bag.

Dark was good. Then it wasn’t. Hope this builds on the best bits of the early series.

I really like it. It gets very weird.

Wednesday. Love it… I still think Addams Family is a great film.

Oil City Confidential on Sky Arts.

Wilco, what a geezer.



State of Happiness S02 iPlayer (both series are on there)

Drama about the oil business arriving in Norway in the 1970s. We enjoy it.

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Andor ep12, series finale.

Excellent series, gritty and intelligent. I’m a SW fanboi, but this is just great stuff on its own. Compared to the usual SW spin-offs it’s in a different league.

If you haven’t seen it yet we’ll worth a binge. It’s basically the prequel to the best ever SW movie, Rogue One.


Ice Cream Wars
Mayhem and murder in the Glasgow Schemes.


Great doc, great band :cry:


What a finale. Superb stuff. A real slow burner, gathering momentum and finishing with a genuine punch.

I saved this read until after, but it is absolutely bang on the money.


Gonna watch the finale tonight. It’s been great.


Brilliant film

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Watching Hannah Fry explain tech. This week she pulls apart Alexa and explains the development of the tech behind it, some surprising and interesting history behind that tech. From synthesized voice, beamforming mics and algorithms to the development of Galanium and Silicon integrated circuits.