What I'm watching (Series 2)

This books tattiness reflects how much I’ve loved it over the years

I think I first read it around 14. My parents had lots of sci fi books


Preparing to check this out. Been excited about it for a while.

Don’t think I’ve seen this for 20 years, cheesily good from what I remember…


The cake scene is the only bit worth watching


Erika Eleniak :heart_eyes:

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Firm favourite in this household.

The sequel sucks donkey balls mind you.

He’s just a cook.

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A looooowly cook.

Yes, I do indeed know every word of dialogue.

Wild Rose ….touching film about a young girl with problems wanting to be a country star …It’s on channel 4 though I found it through Amazon prime search engine ….


we’re on episode 3 now, it’s good fun.

You are one ahead of me. I’m enjoying it so far too.

Breaking bad episode 2…. The bath…. :joy::joy::joy::nauseated_face:


Breaking Bad is so good. Wish I could watch it for the first time now.

Lacking anything else to watch I went back to Better Call Saul. Whilst breaking bad took the time to build the characters, the narrative was exciting, it gripped attention. Better call Saul I found to be a somewhat slower burner. The characters really develop but there wasn’t the grip, the peril. Less edge of seat more matchsticks on the eyelids. Mercifully season 5 has picked up pace and Saul is now ‘Saul Goodman’, ‘Mike’ is getting plenty of jaded, droll screen time and the cartels are at war. Season 6 looks set to be out next year and will be Saul’s conclusion. It took it’s time but it got there!

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Great to read that Bob Odenkirk is back filming again after his recent health issue.

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I stopped watching BCS after S1.
Can’t remeber why but it obviously didn’t grab me.

I got four seasons in waiting for it to ‘get going’ mostly because I wanted to like it and perhaps because there was just enough to hold me. I begrudgingly gave up and only came back to it as light relief from Ru Paul’s Drag race UK.

Just been to see the new Bond…. Not the best, and it’s long (2.54)…. But it’s not bad and there is a tiny twist….

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