Which amp?

Been ages since I got any hifi, got pcb boards here for some pass f5 turbos and the jfets and transistors. However they are just gathering dust and I don’t get the time (worked 14 days in the last 16!).

I have pass aleph borg cubes, but these need new capacitors and again I don’t have the time. Plus at the moment, if I used them I would literally melt due to the heat they put out.

System at the moment is Snell A’s, Audio Note 2.1X Balanced DAC. Using an Audio Innovations Alto I had in the loft at the moment to drive it all.

Ideally a single box integrated but if it works I can just use the digital volume so could maybe live without a pre and just use a power :man_shrugging: dunno, not tried it yet.

Budget £1.00-£1500.00, weirdly I have no idea at all what I want. So I haven’t already decided and just need validation.

I ignored your budget. You’re welcome.


Yikes, £1500 is gonna be a hard one

I’d get this and get Pete @coco to “diode it”


I have a Hegel 160, you can try out.

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From previous amp bake offs and your own experience the Snells seem to need a few watts up 'em to get them singing properly. To save people suggesting 5W SET amps what do you think you should be looking at? >50Wpc?


There is a Gato DIA250 on PFM that is £950. Very decent amp for the £££, although I can’t say how it would go with Snells. I used one with ART Alnico 8s to get really nice results.


Errr Sony 5650 is

Power output: 50 watts per channel into 8Ω

Happy to lend you my 5650 but it’s “unfixed” have used it loads of times but I’m nervous after reading the horror stories.

It is a fantastic amp though.

Christ that’s a good price - and perfect summer amp, barely gets tepid, drive the big Snells with ease, and easy-going but accurate sound. Good shout :+1:

Snell A’s - these were on the end of my favourite system (by a country mile) at the last Wam show. Forum member known as Lostwin, see below. Obviously the opposite of the brief, but sounded so bloody good.

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If you go the power amp route Dom and considering your previous integrated ownership I have a Modwright KWA100se here that’s not in use.


Some good recommendations, Hegel and Modwright could be interesting, will message @Myrman and @catcando in a week or two when I have some free time.

Not sure how a Croft or puresound integrated would go?

What amp did you use with them at Scalford?

I thought they were hooked up to a Modwright when I last heard them at Scaldord.

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Yep sounded decent, but not as good as @murrayjohnson 845s but I couldn’t afford even the transformers in those.

Where are you based these days Dom?

Quite a way from me but if you want to have a play with the Modwright let me know.

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Couple of things, been offered the loan of a Leema Acoustics Tucana integrated amplifier. I remember hearing some Leema Acoustic speakers and amps which sounded good but that was probably the early 2000s.

I have also been offered an Ayre Acoustics ax-7 at an attractive price, but never heard one or anything from the brand before.

Finally I remember have a really good Beard integrated amp a while back, and have seen some of their power amps which are kt88 based. But don’t think I have any experience of this valve and it’s ‘sound’

The Ayre is good gear. I have owned an amp, and so has Nick, I believe.
If I recall, the integrated is not all that powerful.

I had an Ayre power amp which was very good. Never heard or tried one of their integrateds though.