Which Games Console?

Always used Pc’s for gaming, but tempted to get a console.

Xbox One X or PS4 Pro?

I bought an Xbox One S a couple of months ago and it’s absolutely brilliant - dunno how much better the One X will be.

Nintendo Switch


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We’ve got an XB1. I don’t pay much attention to it as all my gaming gets done on the PC, but from afar, it looks like the PS has more ‘interesting’ exclusives. The XB1 seems to me to be heavily weighted towards FPS type titles.

I’ve always been a PS person, but I think that’s a bit of a historical accident.

You could go Full Chav and have both.

Always had ps. I think it’s about what your mates have if you play online. If not it’s not Much of an issue.

Sam (my Son) has a Xbox 1S thing, it’s amazing compared to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum I used to have.

Hope that helps :+1:


Good thread, I’m thinking about buying a new games console, unsure what to get as well.
I’d like to get a decent driving simulator to start with, I used to play Gran Turismo on the PS1 and 2 but can’t be bothered with all the unlocking required to access decent cars and tracks.

ePSXe for playing PS1 games is good if you ever want some gaming oldies. Windows or Linux and works with PS or Xbox controllers.

Me too, I loved it, used to have TOCA Touring Car as well, and I had a steering wheel and pedal box…

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Codemasters who developed the TOCA series also did Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0 which I think has the most realistic car handling of any rally driving sim (although I’ve never played Richard Burns Rally which is supposed to be very good too).

I didn’t play TOCA so much but I do remember the cheesy music!

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Raspberry Pi with Retropie :+1:

Pssht, nothing beats lawnmower races in the rain in MSR.

I have both, typically prefer the Xbox one, the s also doubles as a 4k player.

The Xbox One X is released in three weeks time, I’d go for that one.

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You might some good deals on an Xbox One S after the One X is released. Worth it for Far Cry 4 alone :ok_hand:

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Bottom line, PS4 Pro has far more exclusives than Xbox One whatever model, One/One S/One X.

Nintendo Switch for portable and home if you want to play Nintendo exclusives, Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, Mario Oddessy. Quality over quantity.

What display are/will you be using? There’s good deal on last years 4k LG OLED, not essential but you’ll get more out of the 4k consoles.

Xbox is much better for mates based online ranting with headsets on.


Always been PS for me so PS4 all the way.

Then there’s VR to consider too.

@coco will you be playing with yourself or with others online :joy: