Rather than just disappearing posts in the what are you drinking thread, I thought I would sra a separate one here.

These four arrived today, the bushmills is excellent value and a good everyday drink. The teeling is aged in rum casks and scrumpy as hell. The double wood balvenie a bit more spendy but still excellent value and bags of flavour.
The young one I am yet to try, but excited about it.


Only two of those are Whiskey. One is Whisky, and the last will be Whisky when it grows up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t be a single malt snob now :grin:



Nothing to do with it. Ireland and USA use the spelling with the e, Scotland, Canada, Japan and everyone else use without. I never drink the stuff!

It’s sacrilege to use the wrong spelling.

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I like Jura, I like all of them really, I do dig the single malts.

My current stash.


I quite like drinking Pete’s whisky when I’m over there. Never have it at home, not sure why.


Ah Bushmills!

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I would never have considered it, but a recommendation from a friend and bang on. Cheap but good.

Just tried the milk and honey, a young whisky from tel aviv. Really really nice, it’s aged in 3 different casks but the finisher is a peated whisky. Not over powering but really complex with a lovely smokey flavour running through it. Highly recommended, a thinking whisky.

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Jameson or Blackbush both distilled twice (Irish method) makes for a superior swilling whiskey.

Paddy on the other hand …

Jameson and bushmills are triple distilled at least thats what i remember

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Verite for the above statement

I got absolutely leathered on a jamesons tour, well i had a few before and a few after in the local. The girlfriend had some work to do to catch up in the pub afterwards, ( she wasnt a whiskey drinker at that point) it was her only way of understanding what the fuck i was saying

The blind tasting went well when the three of us left capable all picked bushmills, tbf they took it well

I’m amazed anyone likes whisky

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My brothers are the same.

My grandad was a whisky/whiskey drinker when he passed all of his bottles were taken to his local and any male over 15 who had known him was invited to the circle to remember him and raise a glass, it was a lovely moment but there must have no more than 10 of us from around 70 that actually enjoyed the dram. All i could think, was him turning over and thinking it was all wasted if the enjoyment wasnt there.
I got my first glass when i came home black and blue from gobbing off to the year bully

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I’m amazed anyone likes cigarettes. Or cauliflower (Actually they must be making that up. Or they’re ill.).

I’m drinking this



If Irish whiskey it has to be Powers, the 12 yr old is knockout