Who engages clutch before starting engine?


My wife has just read the manual for the Ford KA where it say from cold to engage the clutch pedal
before operating the starter motor.

Except for a Nissan I had (which wouldn’t start otherwise) this is new to me - I have read on tinternet n that it puts less stress on the starter motor. Do any of you guys do this?



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Yes always, mainly because I leave cars in gear when I park.


Yes as I keep it in gear and it’s all done in one move.


Haha, snap.


I can’t remember which but one of my cars wouldn’t turn over on the starter if the clutch wasn’t depressed. Possibly my old Accord.



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Yes,as i leave my car in 1st gear when i park.


I don’t have a manual car at the moment but when I do, I do. I got in the habit because my dad hammered it into me in about 1981 when learning to drive. Depressing the clutch was easier than listening to him whining about his starter motor. :rofl:


Lots of cars force it. My Fiesta does as does my Mum’s Yaris.

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meh…clutches are only good when they come in twos…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have always done it, I was probably taught to do it and now like so many driving habits (good and bad) it is automatic

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I also remember that when it was very cold half the cars in the street wouldn’t start, so I suppose you did anything that would help.
People used to take the battery indoors overnight and reconnect it in the morning.

When did manufacturers stop supplying starting handles?


I always have. Nowadays it’s forced upon you as many (most?) new cars won’t start unless the clutch pedal is depressed.

I own an Auto now and it won’t start if you don’t press the brake pedal.


With my old Midget, you specifically didn’t as it reduced the start up oil pressure.


The Porsche and Audi both say to do this. And tell you off if you don’t.

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Yep I always have.


I do sometimes. But then I sometimes don’t.

I guess I’m just a crazy maverick.




What people who can drive a proper car use.

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