Who's going to Scalford?

Ok, I know there’s still some bad feeling and some very interesting kit isn’t going to be there, along with some equally interesting people.

I’ve never been, and would like to go before it becomes over commercialised (yes, yes, I know some of you think it’s already going to be that).

Anyway, I’m thinking of going down on the Saturday, staying over in a travelodge or something in Melton and coming back up North on Sunday.

If anyone is going it would be ace to meet up for drinkies/food., maybe even going to Scalford for the Saturday night stuff (Rugger etc) And if anyone from the Greater Manchester/Merseyside area, or somewhere on the way, is thinking of going and is up for a lift and sharing a twin room, let me know.


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Fuck you too, Mark :grinning:

I should point out, for anyone even vaguely contemplating sharing a room with me, that Claire says that I snore and fart like a horse, especially after alcohol has been consumed.:horse:

No evidence to prove this has ever been produced, and it entirely possible that Claire is producing these emanations herself…:boar:

I’m exhibiting in room 211. I’m crossing my fingers that there is a reasonable turnout otherwise it will have been a waste of time and effort.

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Hopefully I’ll see you there Ian. :slight_smile:

we’ll be visiting, My Mrs insists on the annual visit… she enjoys it. We will be in Melton on Saturday, but not at the ‘party’…i’ll happily buy anyone a pint on Sunday…

Even a gooner? :wink:

OMFG - snob alert.:open_mouth:


If you’re lucky you might get on Wam TV.:grinning:

I hope you have a great time and all that. But meh.

I discussed it at Jim’s bakeoff, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of interest. Was thinking of popping up for an hour or two but can’tbearsediness has struck me down.

if Spurs are still second then the gooner can buy me a pint - if Arsenal are second I’ll buy them a pint - if neither are second we’ll go Dutch…

Yep a colourful discussion was had, something along the lines of ‘fuck that’ etc.

It’s a no from me.

We’ll be sixth by the time Scalford rolls round! Looks like it’s my round :grinning:

I’ll not be there, but I’ll still contribute to the charity side in some way - no reason for them to loose out :+1:


Perhaps we could do an AA charity summatorother if people are feeling charitable.

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I’m pretty certain to go again.


Pretty boring kit list and i’m doing Munich instead - so a no from me.

I’m planning to be there, just as a visitor of course. I normally do the Saturday night as well as the Sunday.