Will it blend?

Need a new blender, budget is c. £50 or so, maybe more if it can be justified. This is for relatively light use, soups, sauces, etc.

Over to you for completely inappropriate suggestions.

Recently replaced our aged handblender with a Bosch Ergomixx 800W. It is more than adequate, and you get some peripheral kit too.

Currently on offer from John Lewis for £55, which is £15 less than I paid. Grumble.

You asked (and it’s in keeping with the title)


Kenwood chef with blender

Years ago, I bought the ancestor to THIS. It’s used exclusively for the sort of stuff you’re looking for. I’ve loaded it to the brim, asked the fucker to blend nuts to make chutney, made it pulse blend stuff which is almost water in its consistency and it absolutely will not die. Provided that you are not looking for it to retain a consistency- all it does it reduce things to their component atoms- you almost certainly don’t need anything more.

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Bravo sire, 46 times the proposed budget.
My hat is doffed. :+1:

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Do you intend using the blender to crush ice for cocktails etc?

Nah, nowt like that.

Would love one, but the kitchen is a small galley kitchen, so not really the space. :frowning:

we hardly use ours now we bought a stick blender thing…

(I know its not what you asked for and over budget)

For soups we blend in the pan. Mini chopper is great…

I don’t own one but, ‘Stealth’


Hahah double barrels for Pete today

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Shame :wink:

I’d typically suggest one of these -

However for something in budget -

It’s no use, the stealth won’t drown out the cries of the bun brigade.



Mit accessories

This quite possibly could drown out most ‘noise’


  • Power: 11,000 watts
  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Speed(s): 1500 & 3000 rpm
  • Cutter bowl capacity: 60 litres

I suspect there would be significant noise from the occupant for several seconds and therefore can only recommend this for those using unsalted butter.

Why the feckity feck would you blend a bun, you barbarian?

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