Wiltshire Farm Foods?

Does anyone’s parents/relatives use these people?

I’m worried about getting my mum fed properly through the next few months. I’m finding it impossible to book delivery slots for her, and there are going to be occasions when I won’t be able to do her shopping for her, for whatever reason. This is adding to my stress levels and I’d like to put in place an emergency option for the times I’m not able to help her (and me) out.

She’s 88 and although she used to be a superb cook (apart from steak, she flat out refused to do it rare…), she has arthritis in her hands and can’t manage a lot of prep anymore. So when I do her shopping I get her a few of the better quality ready meals. She’s accepting of these and appreciates their convenience.

I’ve had a quick look at their website they seem to have a good range and they’re accepting new customers. They’re slightly on the expensive side, but I don’t anticipate buying 3 meals a day for her, she eats like a sparrow these days anyway.

I’d be grateful for any experiences with regards to quality, reliability of deliveries etc and obviously any problems that have occurred.

pretty positive on Trustpilot


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I’ve dealt with them. A client of mine owed them money. They were very decent about it , which bodes well imo. I’d give them a try.

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Used them for my mum, for a couple of years or so, 8 or 9 years ago, Rob and they were excellent. One of our neighbours currently uses them.

Very good, nutritious meals (actually good value too) and never let us down.

Thoroughly recommend.


Thanks. I’ve ordered her a brochure and I’ll have a chat with her from her doorstep tomorrow. She’s Daily Mail paranoid about any form of online shopping (although more than happy to write out her card details on an order form and post it off… :roll_eyes:) so it might be a struggle convincing her…

bit weird, but I am listening a phone-in on Talk Radio, and an elderly and vulnerable woman has just phoned in to sing the praises of Wiltshire Farm Foods.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TP page that positive without it being an obvious effort at shilling. That’s really quite impressive.

I must warm up these meals about 5 times a day, they are hugely popular in my business. The range of meals is quite huge and they do offer an excellent balance. Most of the people I go to who use them are very happy with them but some of the meals don’t look that great but then I don’t eat them.

They just go straight in the microwave, the heating instructions are clearly visible on the label, not hidden or too small to read, no need to prick the packaging either to cook them just slap in the microwave for the time specified.

My understanding is that they usually get the same person deliver them most of the time and they even help them put them away. Not sure this would still apply under current circumstances.

Others that are in a similar vein that are also popular are:


Both work on a similar concept as Wiltshire farm foods and are also very popular. The Parsley Box don’t even need to go in the fridge or freezer and can just be stored in a cupboard.

But going back to Wiltshire farm foods I’ve never heard of anyone complain about the service which seems excellent, and I’ve probably dealt with about 20 people over my time in my job who regularly use them.


Thanks Simon, that’s reassuring coming from someone in the care industry (I hope you heard me clapping), I’m going to do my best to convince her to give them a go.


Hope it works out well for you. They aren’t like a faceless online company, they do seem to understand their target audience and you can order over the phone as well. I go to a guy who phones them on a Monday and they deliver them on a Tuesday and usually within the same time slot. He wouldn’t have a clue what a computer was so if he can do it ok then it shows how easy they are to deal with.

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They’ve got lots of delivery slots available in my mums area too, oh, this might be a lifesaver.


Don’t advertise it too widely, Rob.

The fuckwit whore-ders will ‘gobble’ them up

Seriously, this looks like a great way to support your Mum and give you some peace of mind. Best of luck mate.

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just find a few meals you know she likes to tempt her. Their selection is pretty large so you will find some of her favourites.

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Already found beef stroganoff, fisherman’s pie, a couple of curries and pasta stuff. The mini meals extra range looks decent.

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Sounds like an ideal solution all round Rob and hopefully less stress for you. :+1:

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Hopefully Allan. I’ll still try and do her a regular shop, she’s going to need stuff like cereal, bread and other store cupboard things, but hopefully I’ll be able to get her plenty of that tomorrow.

It’s just going to be a relief to know she’s going to get at least one decent meal a day if something stops me getting down as often as I’d like.


Top solution all round mate. Take some of the pressure off you, ensure she always has something hot and nourishing to eat and, inadvertently, an extra set of eyes to make sure she’s OK.


My sister cares, entirely informally, for her 89 year old neighbour, who lives on her own. She is fully compos mentis, but quite frail physically and her going out used to consist mostly of trips for hotel lunches with her friends (pretty often). She doesn’t use the internet and has no family (that she’s been on speaking terms with for decades). So now she’s essentially housebound and my sister literally spends half an hour a day shouting conversation to her from her front garden while the neighbour leans out of an upstairs window and shouts back.

Anyway, my sis arranged Wiltshire Farm Foods for her early last week and so far I think it’s going fine.


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You know, this hadn’t even occurred to me, thanks Mike, another plus point.

the lady on the radio last night, said that they would bring the meals in and put them in the freezer/fridge. I guess there are restrictions on that now.