Winter Lympics

Anybody been watching?

No, why? Anybody pissed in the snow?

No not yet what’s good?

I was thinking short track speed skating, curling, maybe a little ice dance if that’s still a thing. Oh and bobsleigh.

Dunno yet. I like the going downhill fast on a tea tray stuff, and the speed skaty stuff. And maybe the icehockey.

Bob, downhill and ski-jump.

Nope, not yet. I will do at one stage when my mates son, Ben Simons, is doing the 4 man Bobsleigh.

And I do find the curling to be very relaxing zzzzzz

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I’m all about the snowboarding and downhill skiing. Bobsleigh is ok but gets a bit samey after a while.

Dancing on ice can fuck right off though.

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Quite like the speed skating.


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I agree with this.

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I nearly made the 4 man bob team in the 1992 WO,but sadly my 100 metre sprint was slightly to slow to make it.


Also, I think you are fibbing. I see you more as a speed-skater if that is any consolation.



It seems we didn’t do so well at slopestyle today. Not much idea what that is. Sort of cross between ice dancing and snowboarding maybe.

Not sure GB is really cut out for winter sports,only 5 gold medals in over 70 years.


I like the downhill & slalom skiing, short course speed skating and some of the sliding down a very steep tunnel thing.

I like the strangeness of N Korea’s cheerleading army. (despite their hockey team losing 8-0)

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I’m watching the curling now. I was reading about how cold it is over there, -20!

Interesting/disturbing how totalitarianism and careful choreography so often go hand-in-hand :flushed:

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The fitness coach for the UK luge team is the son of the couple who run the village post office and store so I should feel personally invested in the whole winter olympics.
As it is I couldn’t give a fuck about it - though it is still far better than six nations rugby.:angry:

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Having attempted to watch the curling last night, I almost agree with you.