Winter Lympics




Whatever. The important word there is ‘almost’. I’d be more worried if I actually agreed with you.



Quite right - that way madness lies.:crazy_face:


Bob sleigh and tea tray is always worth a watch.
Trick skiing and freestyle snowboarding is pretty good too.


Yep most of these things look totally impossible.


It’s all terrible.


I like sport. Especially good, interesting sport. This isn’t it.


It isn’t Test cricket, that’s for sure.


Inb4 Torvill & Dean and Thatcher’s Britain reference.


Ski Cross is the one to watch. The competitors are fucking mental


Just seen this on the beebsite

"The topic on everyone’s tongue today is South Korea’s favourite food…


In Pyeongchang, it’s everywhere. According to local restaurant owners it is even given to relatives as a gift!


Any excuse really…


There’s some really impressive athletes doing crazy daredevil stuff, but it’s not really great telly is it?



Every single sport involves sliding in some way


Not always…


She’s on again in HD right now


But jeeeeeezzzzuuuuus, she’s got a voice on her :scream:


Nothing on Rhona Martin!

Considering how hubby turned away in disgust after her last two shots, I imagine it’s good for their marriage that it was he that buggered up the last one!


Well, these chaps seem friendly :flushed: