Winter Lympics


Congratulations to Dom Parsons for winning a bronze in skeleton!

I’ve ridden a few skeletons in my time - but that normally led to a trip to the clap clinic…


I miss working for Oxfam…


You’re a snowboarder?
haven’t got any skis?
Never mind borrow a pair of mine


Yarnold has retained her gold - amazing!


4 medals for Team GB excellent result. 1 more to hit the UKsport target.


It looks like one of the OAR athletes has been found to have doped. Male half of the mixed curling team :clown_face:, the female half being his Mrs. Anyhow it seems like he was on Meldonium, which is what Maria Sharapova was banned for. It increases blood flow, which improves exercise capacity in athletes. Must be to make his sweeping more effective, but it seems a mad sport to dope for.


Why the hell would you need drugs to lob a kettle down an icy floor?


Maybe it was to help him cope with her caterwauling, If it’s the couple I’m thinking of.


I think it was probably for sweeping up Mrs Russian-Curler’s lobbed kettles.

Feckin’ nuts though…


This curling lark’s addictive, it’s snooker on ice using kettles and yard brushes.




Meldonium does sound like a Harry Potter spell though


I thought it was one of Dotards kids.


Why do I keep seeing all the same fucking things on the BBC coverage?


BBC coverage has been very poor, can’t even afford a studio in Korea!


Eurosport is better. Far too much yacking in the studio on the beeb


The yacking has been of woeful quality too…


I do like that they get in former Olympians though. Many of them are eloquent and their depth of understanding obviously is immense. Also it means they might actually earn some money back from years of hard work.


Not sure whether to post here or in the science thread…

The New Yorker: Physicists Still Don’t Know What Puts the Curl in Curling.


Having seen how cross she got during the matches I hate to think what she did to him when this story broke :roll_eyes:


Trip to the vets probably, unless she made a shish kebab of them.