Winter Lympics


I’m usually game to eat anything, but I’ve never been able to stomach the thought of my dinner twitching as I go to tuck in. Didn’t work in China and Japan for me either.


I agree. Fuck :unamused:

I had the whole twitching fish many years ago in Guangzou. It’s an apparent sign of how good the chef is.
I didn’t think the twitching added anything to the flavour.


A tick for the chef then :wink:



Must you?


I do it especially for you darling :kissing_heart:


This is a nice photo of Nadezhda Sergeeva in her ‘I don’t do doping’ shirt. She is the pilot of the bobsleigh team for the Olympic Athletes from Russia. Guess what just happened to Nadezhda?


She got caught eating hot cross buns raw?