Wireless door intercoms

Bit of a random one - we recently got a new front door section but it doesn’t have a spyglass and with frosted window surrounds, we can’t see who is on the other side before opening.

There seem to be a few wireless intercom units around (don’t need a remote door unlock, just a bell, wireless camera and screen to put in the kitchen to see who’s at the door - oh and lighting to see at night). Can anyone recommend a particular model?

Maplins have one from Yale. Amazon have a bunch of other makes. I don’t know if they’re the kind of thing that break easily or if there are more reliable ones. It’s not the kind of thing you find reviews of though!

I always find it is best to just not answer the door.

Maybe just shout ‘what?’ through the letterbox.

Yale are generally good at stuff. Maplins are not that cheap though.

Meant to be good,but i don’t have one.


That sounds like what I need when I’m in t’brewery.

I have little need for one until they roll out a model with genital targeting taser, for dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Leave a baseball bat next to the front door, works for me.

I’m fairly sure, that in the future, recognition SW may have improved to the extent of identifying them from their gait. Due to their arses being overflowing with righteous piety, homophobia & general wrongness. :eye:



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Great advice everyone , thanks. :slight_smile:

Stu - I’ve seen that, weirdly it only sends the image to your phone, not a monitor. And doesn’t have a doorbell function. I don’t see why they didn’t add that basic functionality.

Can it not be set up to phones,ipads,laptops etc?

Most commercial systems (like Paxton and Videx) will be wired, armoured, designed for high traffic and bloody expensive.

I’d find the best reviewed domestic system, with the longest warranty and give it a go. At least the lack of installation makes it easy to return.

There are some pretty decent looking ones on Amazon for around £150.