World cup predictor

Sign up here;

Have you created a league for us to join?

Yes,it should come up when you click on the link; AA Dungbeetles

Think you need to sign up with email password etc…

Is there a league code that’s what I am being asked?

I’m in thanks for setting it up.

If you get asked a code its 61d114f3 I think

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Joined. Thanks for setting this up.

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Joined. :+1:

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Signed up.

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Salah won’t be there & Karius can’t expect a late call up for the German squad.

I prefer to watch football as a supporter.
These leagues are fun but they distort how people view games.
My wife has become obsessed by goal alerts and cares little for the emotive side of things.

Enjoy. Like the politics threads, I avoid and just hold my piece :smirk:

I’m in

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I’m in too

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I am in too. You all know me as the winner of the last one. :heart_eyes:

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Get your scores in,only 5 days to go.

Great. Just 4 days to swither over it.

I’ve predicted every group match game.

Just looked at the prizes and couldn’t believe the overall winner (which naturally I fully expect to be :ok_hand: ) only gets a shitty little Macbook, with the runners up getting an iPad.:anguished:

I was expecting at least a million quid or a Ferrari or similar.
If it wasn’t for the AA league I wouldn’t have bothered.

Just imagine how much Fifa will get from selling all the email details of the millions of entrants - CUNTS.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I started out thinking I’d do all the games but I think it’ll be more sensible to look at predicting the 2nd round games having seen what happens in the 1st round. See who’s playing well, who isn’t, who’ll be relaxed & who’ll be under pressure etc.