World cup predictor


Yes,i’ just done the 1st round of games,i’m guessing you will be able to alter them before kick off if anyone has done all 3 rounds.


I will see if any changes need to be made nearer the time, especially if there are any dead rubbers, or games where a draw puts both sides through, but given my mastery of all things football I fully expect I have all the results correct already.:crazy_face:


I’ve forgotten all about this. Will have a look this evening.





Anyone else having difficulty in getting the prediction site to work properly?


Yes,its a bit shit


Found the best time to try is well after the last match,or well before the first game


Given up already, it lost all my predictions on the first day


Yep and mine too :angry:


You both appear to have some points.


Obvious pasting of table when you’re top is obvious :smile:


It won’t last. :grinning:


Weirdly as when I try and login it doesn’t allow me to do anything just start again?!


The fifa app is a bag o shite ! Half the time it doesn’t appear to work or I can’t access predictions / tables. Clearly not fit for purpose. Fifa down to a tee


Its up and working now,get your 2nd round scores in


I have managed to complete it this time. Fingers crossed for a good start today. Come on Columbia I need some decent points


Wouldn’t worry to much, @Wayward managed to miss the whole of last seasons predictor :upside_down_face:


Hopeless. :frowning:


Seems like I was pretty smart to forecast all of the group stage results in one go. Pity about the actual quality of those forecasts though.:persevere: