World cup predictor


How the actual fuck do they justify the score they give you for any given game?

I predicted the Swiss to beat Serbia 2-0 and it ended 2-1 - a near miss - for which I received 58 points

I predicted Argentina to beat Croatia 3-1 and it ended 0-3 - not even close - for which I received 60 points


FIFA - Fucking Incompetent, Fucking Arseholes


Sounds like you played one of the add-on questions, to get points from a poor result.

So which FIFA are we talking about? :slightly_smiling_face:


No, got the add on wrong in both cases


I’ve only just noticed there are also little bonus choices for each game as well - hadn’t done any of those so that excuses my lamentable performance.


Drama queen! :laughing:.

12 ijrussell 1812


Snafu307 - 2108



First up from a YT search, but not bad as future trip-hip-hop goes.

Ahead by a century. :upside_down_face:


Don’t forget to get your scores in.




I had forgotten so thanks for the reminder.


Forgot after the leagues. Won’t bother now as too far back


Has the joker option been available since the start? I only noticed it today.


Not seen that either?


Thanks for sharing that, hadn’t even noticed it before


I shouldn’t have said that -Forget it.


You can’t put the genie back in the bottle :grinning:


Wish I’d known before yesterday games as I got the scores right.:weary:


Joker? What’s that?
I see I’m top of the League what’s going on?


You get to pick one score each day to play a joker on for double points. Click on the fools hat.


Arse,i’d have probably won if i’d known