World cup predictor


Can you forecast a draw? And selecting ‘most possession’ etc score you points?


I don’t see why not.
Be aware that the result after extra time counts, so for instance if Belgium v France is 1-1 after 90 minutes and then France score in extra time to win it 2-1 then that is the score they go by. Penalty shootouts don’t count though.


No wonder I’m struggling score wise. I’ve done most knockout matches as 8-7


Great quarter final performance from Pmac - cunt.:rage:




I think I may have peaked too early. Still 4 matches left.


Did you get a correct score with a joker for double points?


No, got the Brazil and England games correct and took 1-1 with a joker for the Croatia game. Nowt for the France game. (978 pts)


damn right. That joker shit is cheating & should carry a definite 4 match ban.


It was the first time I’d used it. Thank @Adpully for that :grinning:


Yes -Worst of luck everyone i have my Joker on this match


3rd place and final games up for grabs now.

Get your predictions in, it’s getting to the sharp end.


Congratulations @pmac winning with some to spare.

I still think the way they scored these results was a bit weird though, weighting it against popular predicted outcomes & more towards freak results. I think I prefer the way our premier league predictor scores matches ie 10 for the right outcome or 40 for correct score.


Well done Paul.:+1:


Well done Paul


Congrats Paul and well played.
You came 2517th.




Well done @pmac.


Well done Paul.