World War 3

Are sanctions pointless?

No. Simon Jenkins is.

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Good read, thanks for posting.

Russians castrating a POW, then posting the video.


Filthy bastards have also apparently bombed a Ukrainian PoW compound.

Probably the best place for this



I suspect a sub or two is not far away either, both attack and bomber varieties


Can anyone confirm/refute this? Bit worrying …

not everything posted on the internet means the world is ending.


Never known anyone who looks for all the bad so much. Maybe try mindfulness or something ?

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As my Nan used to say - “Might as well love it, we’re all gonna die”


Speak for yourself.

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Looks very deep fake and the only reporting on it is social media accounts and dubious “news” agencies.

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It was on C4 news. Reported as a social media clip.

Conflicted by the Taiwan issue. I’m always suspicious of the US and it’s imperialist ambitions however, Taiwan was never a part of the PRC and indeed rather than it being a break away state, it was in fact the Chinese Communist Party that seized control of the mainland post WW2 and left what was the Republic of China which Taiwan remains a part of. I can’t see why Taiwan shouldn’t be able to receive visitors from wherever it chooses.

It’s all about how the Chinese civil war ended without proper resolution.

Rather worrying
BBC News - Ukraine war: IAEA says Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant out of control

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Seems as if something big has gone bang in Crimea…