WTB Power Amp

After something for the Heco 2 way fridges. Budget around a grand. Anything out there?

So that’s a £4k integrated you’re after?

Sorry mate, I don’t make the rules.


Where are you located?
I have something you could try.

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Deepest, darkest East Sussex

If I had the pockets for that, then yes.
But I don’t, so no

I suspect my Rank Concept Monos would be wonderful with the fridges and would be doable at the money. However, the distance is significant and they weigh eleventy tonnes so postage is out on weight and valve grounds.

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I had a pair for about 18 months before getting the 3 ways and the @edd9000 built Aleph 5s were by far the best match out of the 3 amps I had to hand (Aleph, Almarro A318B and Karan 180MK2) the same was true with the 3 ways as well.

I think edd rates the Aleph 30 (more than enough power) even higher so might be worth a punt, Clara is probably busy with his new job but Joe Henry?? might be worth a try within budget.

Worth noting that I am as deaf as a post. :grinning:

If you collect and return, you can borrow my alephs for a month if of help.

EDIT: I forgot the rules, buy these overpriced lumps.


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That and the general chaos caused by the garage build etc.

Everyone should have an Aleph 30.


The Sony TA-5650 was great with my Direkts, they can be had for around £500.

Spend another £500 on a pre and use the Sony as a power amp only.


Thanks. I’ll have a look. I’ll be using my current pre (Sapphire made by Geoff Kramer)

'scuse the ignorance, but who is Joe Henry?

He makes clones of the Pass Labs and First Watt stuff and sells them on ebay, Nelson did ask him to stop using the First Watt name as he publishes the designs for DIY and not for people to make a profit.

Thanks again. Just had a quick look at his site and it’s thrown up more questions - there’s so many different Pass models, I wouldn’t know where to begin looking. Is there a hierarchy?

Crikey I missed a trick with those prices :rofl:


Start here


Read the linked articles about each amplifier.

In general, once you have considered your preamp gain and your speaker requirements, there’s only a few that make sense.

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I’m pretty sure he used to be a lot cheaper than those current prices!

You’ve got me there :confused:

If he’s importing parts & cases from China he’ll have seen considerable increases in their costs and shipping costs.

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Similar for the Toroidy transformers which appear in a number of them.

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