[WTD] Pink Triangle armboard

Pink Triangle armboard with Linn type mount (for alphason hr-100)

Trying to avoid giving true-point £100 for one :frowning:

See if you can get the dimensions, and get Edd to cut you one.

I make my own from Perspex for the systemdek
Just use a normal fine tooth saw to cut,and sandpaper the edges

worst case I’ll make my own out of wood as I have SME and Rega ones already to copy but was seeing if there’s anything out there first.

they’re a bit fiddly as they have a ridge/lip underneath to make them thicker than most normal armboards, the early ones were just a folded bit of metal.


Ah,I just thought they were a simple square about 8 or 10mm or so thick

haha it’s Arthur, nothing he designed or did is ever ‘simple’ :slight_smile:

The original ones were just U channel aluminium if I recall. Did the Anniversary have something from a composite?

Yes, Aerolam.

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yep areolam in a metal sandwich, my Anni came with an SME one and I already had an older standard folded metal one cut for rega (old rega not the new 3 screw ones)

I can 3D print you one, but ideally need a dimensioned diagram showing where to put the hole. Or make a template out of cardboard or something with a mark at the correct spindle/pivot distance.

if I can’t find anything I’ll just make it out wood, should be easy enough to use some dowling for the spacer.

Not sure how much of a mare it would be to 3D print that with the 3x holes for the arm. The arm did come with an armboard template though

The hardest part is knowing where to put A on the armboard. I can print it with integral spacers or whatever (you just print it with support).

I just don’t fancy removing the arm from the Anniversary to jig it up as above. If you can take the board outline on a piece of cardboard and just mark A and let me know the two missing dimensions I can draw it up in CAD.

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There’s no arm on the anni at the mo

spindle to pivot for Linn is 211mm so I can chuck the SME armboard on the deck tomorrow and then plot the X and Y distances from that



Found one, it’s made of wood but I’ll give you a shout with the dimensions if you need one (and it would be worth comparing that to PT or whatever the material is)

As I’m sure your TT is imminently about to spring into use :slight_smile:

Lol, if you can measure it and the placement of the large hole that’s be great.

I’ll print you one so you can compare to the wood.

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You, not me :rofl: