WTD: record weight/clamp

Never used one, but I can see how they might be of benefit for dished or warped records. I fancy trying one out just for the faff of it. Do you have one you wish to offload?

I’ve got a cheapie you can have @Waxy

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Thanks Mike, I will cover postage and put some quids in the AA kitty

You’re alright on postage mate. Can you pm your address ?


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Thanks Mike @MJ2

Will chuck a few quid in the AA pot

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I have tried a few always thought was better without but i suppose it depends on the turntable.

I’ve had two decks where the clamp made a difference, a Clearaudio that @Bolts now uses and my SME 20/2a which is designed for use with a screw down clamp. Any other deck was better without.

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I’d largely agree with this. The Michell and AVID both seem to have been designed with the clamp in mind and benefit from it. Adding any form of turntable hat to the Planar 10 makes it worse though.

I also recently tested the MoFi StudioDeck which isn’t supplied with a weight but does benefit from the optional MoFi weight in the same range so it seems there’s a sub set of designs optimised for weight use too.


Everything is better with hats



Admittedly the hat was perverted by trump but in it’s right place -

The dunce cap is actually devalued greatly in that particular context (cuntext??).

I haven’t owned any TT’s that I think have benefited from a weight.

Being a pedant I’m obliged to point out that is not a hat. It’s a cap.

The weight just flattens the record…? I use them only when I am trying to mitigate a bit of dishing

If it is supposed to stop the record slipping then there is something inherently wrong with the deck by design.

Often the label area is thicker (In which case records are not flat) A weight or clamp can couple the record to the platter and may (in theory) dampen spindle vibrations.

Or a trough a la Rock

I have generally owned some version of a Voyd, and never found a weight helps. Long ago I did own a Revolver tt and thought it benefitted from The Pig, but that cannot be classed a weight tbh.

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What about those rings for the outer edge? Anyone tried one?

I’ve got one on my 401 platter.

I did the gong thing with it off, and with it on.

No significant difference in amplitude or decay that I could determine with my ears, so I reckon damping by this method is ymmv or meh.

But it’s still on my platter, because I’ve got it so I might as well use it reasons.

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