Yet another opportunity to spend someone else's money on hifi tat

Here we go again. Chap I’m working with at the moment got talking hifi and records and talked himself into wanting to upgrade his modest and dated system put together in the 80s. So looking for some ideas, suggestions and links to second hand bits and pieces that might give him the biggest bang for his buck.

Usual rules apply -

  • Completely ignore his stated budget and suggest something that costs more than his car and/ or house
  • When it comes to speakers the first, second and third answer is ‘big horns’. (He probably needs answer #4 in this case)
  • Start replacing stuff he wants to keep at great expense and hassle
  • Expand his box count beyond his combined number of fingers and toes


He has a Linn Axis turntable with some sort of Mission arm on it which he wants to entirely replace (can’t blame him!) with a budget of something like £400.

Speakers are currently B&W DM100i by the looks of it. He’d prefer something similar size, that goes a bit deeper but without having to have something big and ugly which will trigger his wifey. I think he wants to spend £500 tops.

He wants to keep his current amp which he likes - NAD 3130, so speakers will need to work with that rather than a Krell etc.

Heco Ascada - OK built in amps but also has bluetooth so he can fiddle with that if he likes.
The mission arm isn’t too bad Perhaps he could get a Thorens 125?



I can imagine but not tested it with him yet, that that style of TT would probably suit him. What does a clean TD125 usually go fo these days?

One of those AT turntables new, and some old LV Auditoriums?

That’s a cracking start. Increasing his workload by having to buy stands as well. :+1:

Are those Sony TT supposed to be stained in yellow, possibly nicotine.
It looks minging.

I missed that.

Yes to a proper horn system and hi-res streaming front end.
What everyone should crave🙂

Nad can drive the mid bass :joy:

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Buy a cartridge.
He won’t improve on the Linn for £400. Can’t see him getting a worthwhile speaker upgrade for £500 either.


Lob all 900 at the speakers

Something to do on these cold winter evenings :+1::grinning:

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Buy a new cartridge and some music.
And clean all the connectors.

Not even second hand?

Are you sure you’re in the right forum?

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I’ve got a pair of the DM100i and think they’re excellent would he not be better getting a sub or two ?

I believe so. Others may think different.

Maybe get a new belt for the tt too.

And book a weekend away with the wife/partner/dog etc.

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Is he meaning to add £400 to the £400 or so he gets for the linn?