Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


The cunt that sold me a high power 115V step down that has a live metal case and takes out the fuses when you plug it in. Fucking dealers, wankers.


Name and shame.


Once I get my money back.


Why do they always say…

A spokesperson for Halfords said its team “fell short of meeting our standards”.

When clearly “he/she is a bell end and will be filling in a UB40 by the end of the week” would be much better.


Cockpunch him. CP him til his sac looks like it’s holding two grapefruits. And then jump on the sac until it explodes. Then make him clean up the mess with his own tongue. And then do it all again tomorrow, and the day after and after and after…cunt!


Amazon have excelled themselves this evening


I received an 8" x 10" x 8" box from Argos last week.

With two electric toothbrush heads in it


I received a 33cm x 28cm hard anodized baking sheet last year in a box that must have been at least a metre long & at least 60cm wide from Amacuntz. My eyes boggled at the time, but at least it arrived still flat I guess.


Never Knowingly Underpackaged.


I received a 1m length of 3mm brass studding once, not in an (obvious) 1m long tube but in a rectangular box into which it just fitted diagonally. Needless to say, despite the air-filled polythene bag ‘cushions’, it arrived bent.



Me, for fucking up a job application. Beyond pissed off at the moment.


Lest we forget


Gory details required for some unhelpful pointing and laughing to be indulged.

You plum.


Well it was always going to be a bit of an uphill struggle as it was the company I left just before I came to stay with you folks, but I did at least expect to get a bit beyond the basic application stage.


That doesn’t actually sound like it was your fault, so much as being a daft notion to start with.

What happened to the whole cheffing malarkey?


Still on the cards, need to start applying to a few more places round here. There’s not a lot that would tempt me back into tech, but Wildbit was one of the few places that would so when they advertised I figured it was worth a punt.


Chief Website Vaporiser role ?


Sadly it doesn’t really pay enough to live off…


Why do I get the feeling they have 17 x sales people and 1 x developer


Ha, what’s hilarious is they have never had a sales person and about 2/3rds if that lot are tech (devs, sys admin, QA etc)