Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Is the speaker in your old slot?


I meant the 17x smiling faces and Derek.

Perhaps you could offer to cover for Derek while he recovers from his nervous breakdown


I was right next to it.

Derek is actually a designer, although with some reasonable front end skills


A kick in the nads to tourists who stop in inappropriate places to take shite pictures of their partners. Extra one to the cunt that stopped on the corner of the stairs off Tower Bridge, while they were packed, almost causing a reenactment of the Bethnal Green tube stn disaster. All to take a pic of his wife plodding up them. Go and take pictures of the amazing landmarks you twats.


CP to Marley the cat, who has just sneezed cat food in my face.


CP to traffic and roadworks - you’re ruining my life :tired_face:


Bloody awful around Chesterfield/Whittington Moor at the moment.


The BBfuckingC for giving KFC a free 10 minute advertorial on the “News”, and the dreadful mouth-breathing shitnaks they interviewed outside their branches.


Wallop to the shrivelled geezerpods of me, I couldn’t leave well enough alone . . . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Not OK hun.


A pre-emptive cckpunch to all the threads that are going to inevitably start about Top Gear.

Grow up. :slight_smile:


I’m out of the loop on it anyway - hated the old format, enjoy the new.

To be fair, I have almost unlimited cockpunches due to me.


Idiot cunts who call the police to report that a KFC is closed (or has no chicken)…:roll_eyes:

The Met put out an appeal this morning asking them to stop…


Wow, people really are very stupid…


is this really a thing - what a bunch of idiots. Surely in London there are plenty of braches of Chicken Cottage or Favourite Fried Chicken to cope with demand


Actually I took the kids for a ‘treat’ :roll_eyes: to McDonalds yesterday lunch time and noticed the KFC was shut next door…


Did you call the police then?


Obviously, I didn’t want a McDonalds and the kids were screaming at me as they wanted KFC too.

A situation was developing and my parental skills were being tested.


" I’m arresting you for a flagrant violation of the chicken supply laws - you have the right to remain silent"…etc


We have a chicken and kebab shop about a hundred yards from our house called “Fat Joe’s” The chicken from there is vastly better that that greasy fucking shit you get in KFC. Mainly because it’s not fried - they cook everything in tandoori ovens!


To be honest, there were a lot of ways the mash could have approached this.