Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Fur clucks sake feather down



Perfect, then we can have teachers losing the plot and shooting some pupils.


Yep, and then Trump will recommend the pupils are armed also, to defend themselves against the teachers…


I wonder if he has shares in a gun company?


I wouldn’t want to be a teacher holding a gun when a swat team arrives.


Just $30m in donations from the NRA fo his campaign…


Wrong thread. So CP to me


This bastard needs a visit to North Koreas anti-aircraft testing facility…


It’s said Muricans don’t get irony. That cunt’s children or grandchildren getting shot in a mass shooting with an AR15 would be a good example.


The real question was why? We live in the UK. not once have I ever needed anything other than “some tyres” on my car. I do >30k a year.

This is another hifi cable thing right?


Improved stopping distances at temps below 7℃.


pppfffmmmhhhmmmm hhrrnnghgggggggg



I was in a car in little used road in Lewes the last time we had snow.
perfectly standard Ford Focus (not mine) fitted with these tyres. Not one other car could get out of the road,
They were slipping and sliding everywhere and they weren’t all RWD BMWs!
We drove straight out without a problem, I was quite impressed with them.


Indeed, no surprise. A friend has an M3 - he couldn’t get out of the drive when it snowed. Put winter tyres on it and no problems in snow since.


You asking me or telling me?


Having read Kev’s post, neither. I’m backing down from incredulity to fair enough then.

Have a great weekend all.


That sort of thing doesn’t work here, we have to argue and call each other cunts :wink:


Oh, thanks. Thanks a fucking lot.


He may have his own thread, but he deserves the biggest punch to his dwindling danglies before they disappear in the ether of his self esteem.