Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


@murrayjohnson for watching QT.


Walmart for real??


The crassness of that is off the Trump scale


I used to enjoy getting a little refreshed and walking around Walmart. It was a bit like going to the circus. Utterly wrong but quite entertaining and full of clowns.


Bit like hifi forums…




I had a works jolly five years ago to the US it was very very cold and lake Eire was frozen over. I went across the road just 400 metres from my hotel was a Walmart and I tried an evening visit. It was so cold I nearly collapsed on the way - looking inside was worse It was like the photo above -I found out most of the health and safety people that I worked with owned guns, some a shed load. At the time I was very shocked.


Forum tagline right there.:+1:


A visit to Walmart is a treat for all the senses. Drunk or (a million years ago) stoned Walmarting was fab. The level of stupid in the place requires you to be blotto so you aren’t overcome by the dumb.


Isn’t that the forum tagline for another Hi-Fi forum I cannot name.:+1::smiley:



I preferred your unedited effort TBH.



It was the word dumb that I thought was inappropriate for describing this place, despite bmtell’s best efforts.:rofl:




Just to be clear, not yours hahahah




Corbyn, the miserable old cunt. On the death of Matt he had no comment to make as he didn’t think any of Matt’s cartoons about him were funny, twat!





:rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:Matt isn’t dead. :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

He has been at the Telegraph for 30 years and is being celebrated by the paper for this today. Many might agree with Corbyn on Matt being fairly unfunny most of the time. I’m surprised the Tele didn’t claim they got turned down by Corbyn’s NKVD sponsor as Jezza was too busy being a traitor to do it himself.

If Phil the Greek approves then you’ve got to have your doubts:


Ah, well, that’s what comes of breaking in half way through a R4 news story, thought if a cartoonist was getting reviewed that he’d carked it. Corbyn is still a miserable cunt though, useless and miserable.


This. Sadly, useless and miserable are not unique commodities with our Politicos these days, particularly those on the various front benches.


Ain’t that the truth. The only good thing about Corbyn is that he has revitalised the likes of George Galloway, always good for a fucking laugh, almost as much as that other loon who hopes to be next door to Corbyn once the Tories have done Brexit for them.