Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


You will be doing that with all her accounts then as they all operate in the same way.
If you had no pass book they wouldn’t give you any info, as even if the account holder turned up without a passbook they would want proof of identity and a specimen signature.
I think you should be reassured that they are protecting your Mum’s interests which is a good reason to keep the account open in my book.



(Scottish Natural Heritage)

For being a bunch of ill informed useless cunts

Culling Ravens to protect ground nesting waders. FFS


Has to be one of the most retarded policy moves I’ve encountered in the wonderful world of “conservation”.


Indeed. Idiots listening to other (equally ill informed) idiots and deciding that it’s worth a try…


I don’t really understand why it’s still legal to shoot birds for fun


Did you not know? It’s sport

And if you believe that, I have 250 acres of prime Texas swamp, ripe for development, for sale at only $1,000/acre


How else would we be able to eat wild pheasant and partridge?






Round here we keep a shovel in the car so we can scrape 'em off the road. :+1:


You’re thinking of peasants not pheasants.


They’re not remotely wild - if it wasn’t for constant resupply of young birds + intensive (and often ecologically-destructive) management of habitat + an unending slaughter of predators and competitors by gamekeepers, then pheasants and red-legged partridges would disappear. Our native grey partridge is fast-disappearing - due in part to competition from the non-native species, and in part due to excessive shooting.

Management for the things like grouse is equally damaging, with added issues like upland de-forestation contributing significantly to flooding problems and topsoil loss at lower levels…

Still, so long as tiny number of toffs and wannabes get to kill stuff, the rest of the cuntry can go swivel, eh?


The whole concept of hunting or shooting animals for entertainment baffles me.

If you need the thrill of the hunt do what I do and kidnap a ukipper, take them to the middle of dartmoor and let the fun begin.


Preferably Farage.


Not to mention the hideous persecution of raptors, particularly the Hen Harrier which is close to extinction in England due to the mistaken theory that their presence reduces Grouse numbers (it was proven years ago in a large scale experiment that this is not the case)

Also very true

The nub of the problem…


If I had loads of money and privilege, I can’t imagine any way that I would get to “OK, I’ll dress up like a dickhead and go kill some stuff”. It’s just weird.


Agreed. It is bloody weird, but the toffs at least are indoctrinated into while still children - bit like god-bothering I spose.




We get Eric Clapton flying up to our valley in a helicopter about once a year so he can dress like a Cuntry Gentoolman,swig claret, blast away at pheasants, while stupid peasants clear up said pheasants (for the princely sum of £25/day, constantly uttering “Thank 'ee koind surrr”) - mainly by shoveling them into a pit and burying them.


Eric Clapton is a cunt.

Makes me want to puke when audiophools wank on about his “genius”.

Made a lot of money strip-mining other-people’s culture.

Cynical-clever - yes, genius - no. :poop: