Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Still haven’t come to terms with seeing him in the 80s with phil collins

One day at a time…


You saw Phil Collins? That’s thirty years of therapy right there.


M8 . . . I had no idea :slightly_frowning_face: Condolences… I hope one day you can put that experience behind you…


I like Phil Collins.


One of reasons I had to left London,fingers were pointing :point_up:



^^^ - yes, I believe I have put this in the correct thread


Wank bucket full of sweet coffee whisky spunk


Especially when you could dress up like a dickhead and go and play golf :grin:


Have you been listening to grime albums again? :smile:


I really never thought that I’d suggest a cockpunch to people with good intentions albeit grossly misinformed, who believe they are trying to save a childs life. The farce that is being orchestrated outside Liverpool’s Alder Hey hospital is to the detriment of critically ill children, their parents/relatives and the very real threats of violence towards hospital staff unforgivable . Half of what is going on is not reported by the press and while some protesters are genuine, many are scrotes just there for shit and giggles. To the ‘me too,I was there wannabees’ a humungous kick to the nads, you’re a fecking disgrace. If you want to be taken seriously stop taking the devils weed while protesting. As always the hospital it’s staff and the Police will turn out to be the rogues and the protesters victims. I’m fuming, decisions regarding little Alfies care have been anguished over for a long, long time by those that do know, attempting to transfer him to Italy for what is essentially peg feeding is both fraught with danger and pain for the lad, can the child have no dignity, even at the end of his life.
There off my chest, I know there will be differing thoughts about this, but I’m sticking to my pov and distate for the manner that the mob mentality has reduced the boy to a pawn in the ‘us and them game’ being played out.


After half an hour of struggling, a bent screwdriver, bleeding knuckles and some minor woodwork damage, I can only conclude that the bass drivers in my Mordaunt Short Signifers (that I am attempting to remove in order to re-foam) have been glued in place.

Therefore, depending on whether this is an original feature or not, either Mordaunt Short of the late 1970s or whichever previous owner thought this was a good idea can have one right in the knapsack. :rage:


I know glueing drivers by the owners was commonplace in the early 80s,but didn’t know some companies did it


My fucking cats can have one.

I’ve just taken their litter tray out to empty it, and in the time it took me to do that, maybe a minute or so, one of them has pissed and shat in the space that it usually sits in…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fucking little trolling bastard cunts.


I have has some speakers that had glued units, typically in non-wood based cabinets.


Fully agree on this. The fucking Pope, Italian Government and the RC Church can have a massive one to the nads while we are it. Cunts, the lot of them.


do you not line it?


That would just burn your nose


The cat’s just reminding you who’s the boss.


Yeah, but it’s tucked away in a corner under the breakfast bar, so I pull it out from there to more easily remove the liner. Instead of pissing and shitting in the empty tray, they’ve done it in the place the tray usually sits. So I had to get on my knees and clean it up from right in the corner.

Whichever one of them did it knew exactly what it was up to, the fucker.