Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Like a fart, you can never trust a pussy. :grinning:


I was going to write a long drawn out post about wankers driving cars wearing earbuds… cunts that work for energy suppliers fitting smart meters and ‘at risking’ boilers that shouldn’t be, spending all morning taking a Primatic cylinder out that turned out wasn’t a Primatic after all and leaving my phone under the floor and relaying the carpet.

Today has been an utter fuck-on.


Of all your work trials and tribulations (bucket tales excepted, of course) that’s the best so far. I’m sorry if you (probably) don’t feel the same, but it made I larf :+1::wink:


It’s going to be fucking awful going back for it tomorrow.

A thousand messages and the customer likely pissed off with it ringing.


Is the alarm clock set on it?


Didn’t you say the customer had gone away for a fortnight?


No alarm set thankfully. It is only ever has two settings of ring volume… vibrate or as loud as it will go as I’ll never hear it during the day.

Oh and it has an annoying ‘chirp’ that reminds you that you have a txt or missed call.


Had an absolute fucking gutfull with the company that supplies many of the major parts for the Wychwood mains blocks. I’ve dealt with these unreliable, slow, uncommunicative fuckers for five fucking years and STILL they are incapable of invoicing correctly or quickly, still cannot communicate amongst themselves at-all, lack all QA consistency, can’t follow simple instructions or plan drawings, cannot even get my fucking address right, much-less pass-on courier tracking. What’s more they cannot accept criticism of their many, repeated failings, but do expect to put their prices up with pretty much every order.

I’ve tried so fucking hard to deal with smaller, less-known and most-of-all British companies, cos, you know, what goes around comes around, and we could do with looking after our own. Well none of that ever did feed back, and now I have to find new suppliers, probably in fucking China who are just as bad but hopefully at least, cheaper.

Microns away from giving-up altogether. This country and its pigshit-thick, bone-fucking-idle, illiterate, innumerate, sloppy, unskilled, entitled, racist - and proud of all of it - WANKERS fills me with bone-blackening despair and loathing…


Not a good week it seems, keep up the chin something good will follow.


Sadly the above is the very sharp and painful tip of the rectum-ripping iceberg of pain that is this week.

I could fill pages.

But promise not to.

Luckily Sam’s away for a few days, so at least she’s spared it.


Fill the pages - fuck it - that’s what what we’re here for :+1:


We have been selling for 5 years on eBay and bend over backwards to get the stuff out the same day with next day delivery,over the top emails and phone calls etc etc.

I’m amazed at how many small businesses are still in business as they are utter shite at getting orders out,taking money when they don’t have the stock and can’t even be arsed to notify you

We are only talking small scale,but to me that should make no difference


I feel your pain brother Stu - boy, do I!


I’d like to nominate each member of PETA that thought it was a good idea to claim copyright of a selfie for a monkey and in doing so make a photographers life a living hell and wasting mucho donated money at the same time. They’re nearly as bad as vegans.


At least we’re doing something right :+1:


I agree, however if you think that is bad try dealing with the Russians over parts delivery.


True. Amazingly, even I’m not quite that stupid.

Did come close to dealing wit some Latvians mind…


Cockpunch to the rat I saw twice in the garden earlier. The bird table has brought unwanted visitors.



You should try keeping hens. Or perhaps not.