Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


CDs. They’re fucking shit, they’ve always been fucking shit and they are finally fucking off.


I like CDs. They’re great.


I resisted CDs for ages for vinyl and dumped them as soon as streaming actually worked.


Except she is ignoring the fact that CD sales are actually up in 2018. CD sales still dwarf vinyl and streaming / download is only just about catching upto CD sales.

In terms of generated income, CD beats everything else hands down.


I love CDs and continue to buy them like crazy - in fact I am so lazy, that I can’t rip the fuckers quick enough for my Mrs, so I have just had to put a little CD player in the kitchen so Louise can listen to our new purchases.


Vinyl rules.:ok_hand:


“Digital” killed the CD?

Last time I checked, CDs were fairly digital themselves.:roll_eyes:


I take back what I said about The Guardian.

Played on a good piece of equipment they sound great. They’re pretty rugged. I love them.


I like CDs but will now only buy them if I can’t get it on vinyl.


I’ll buy second hand CDs as they are dirt cheap, but even that it getting pointless with TIDAL and the likes being available.


If the vinyl is too expensive / unobtainium, then I’ll buy the CD. I have to own, as opposed to rent, the medium.


Yep. For everything else I use Spottyfly Premium.


I got over this as soon as I realised that I had no moral right to own music others have created. They own it, they allow me to reproduce it. Rental / streaming is a more appropriate model to reflect the underlying position. Ownership is an anachronism.


By purchasing (supporting), you have a moral right to own.

Do you feel as guilty buying a painting, a sculpture or any other piece of art ?

Surely, less royalties go to the artist through streaming than buying.


Vinyl is an artifact which I enjoy. On the other hand, CD is a data storage medium now, in a shitty plastic box with bollocks artwork that makes my old eyes go squinty. Meh to CDs unless they are jack full of extra tracks and therefore necessary, or are of live LPs that can be streamed without gaps. Even then, it is a quick rip to the server and off to the loft with any CD.

'orrible medium, nice music.


Then surely they do have a value / purpose ?


Streaming is used to listen to music I have already bought (dependent on where I am at the time) or for discovering new (to me) music.
I believe we have an obligation to support the artist.


An artwork was created with the intention to sell to another. Intellectual property, as opposed to physical property, is very different.

The question of royalties is valid. One thing I like about Tidal is that it pays more to them than Spotify.


and you don’t think music is ???


Of course the intention is to get people to pay for it, but it’s very different to buy the thing, versus the right to listen to it.

What happens when your CD gets scratched? With a physical medium you lose the ability to play it, which to me doesn’t make sense, as you’ve already paid for the right to play it.