Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


How much do artists actually get per play from Tidal?

In terms of numbers I’d guess that Spotify is much more widely used so while they may pay less per play it’d be interesting to know which platform gives the artist the highest return & how that income compares to that derived from their sales of physical media be it CD or LP.

Just a gut feeling but I suspect that these streaming services are all fleecing the artists.


you buy less of a “right to listen” through streaming than you do CD, you buy the ability to use their platform.

What happens when Spotify / Tidal fold, ?


Streaming revenue is tiny.


Best way to support artists is to go and see them live. Second best is to buy recordings. Streaming isn’t much better than piracy.


I suggested the drowning option on the other forum once and picked up a load of abuse but I still believe it’s the kindest fix. Poison is the worse way of control for the very reasons given.


If you can get them into a bag (it’d need to be made of something tough to stop them chewing their way out) the vets’ unofficial recommendation for dispatching rodents is to put them under the back wheel of your car and reverse over them. It’s as quick as it can be and works every time. There is a bit of cleaning up to do afterwards though.



Not if you use someone else’s driveway…


Is that Beemer still outside your house @htm_1968?


Nope. The skidmark is gone too. Plenty of room for rat au van if you have a bag full that needs squashing (sounds a bit iffy that).


Round them up with flute music


I’m usually a bit of a bunny-hugger at heart, but rats are the worst kind of vermin, and once you’ve seen what the fuckers will do to your chickens, merciful ends are not an option… :angry:


I’ll bite then. :rat:

Animal cruelty is animal cruelty and it matters not what the animal is.

If you’re going to kill an animal, don’t make it suffer. Drowning rats is cowardly, it’s not manly at all.

At least have the nerve to thump it with something blunt to end it quick. Failing this buy an air pistol and shoot it in the back of the neck which is just as effective. Trap and shoot.

I’ve no issue with killing animals, none at all. I’ve shot and killed rabbit and wood pigeon and enjoyed the chase. But I didn’t take a shot without being sure of a clean kill.

Afford the blighters some humanity. You can buy a 6ft/lbs air pistol for fifty quid.


No my colonic irrigation mate :open_mouth:


A massive one to my own nadgers.

In the middle of a house move and I’ve gone out to the Land Cruiser this morning - the fecking battery is as flat as a turd. Twat features (me) seems to have left the lights on all night. Why the fecking alarm didn’t sound when I turned off the engine, I don’t know, but it fecking didn’t and now I’m in the shit. Homestart called and sorted, but as it’s still the original battery (21 years) I’ve a feeling a new one will have to be purchased.



And a massive punt to the cunt of this woman, especially in light of her own job…


Genuinely horrible story. One seriously dysfunctional person somehow left in charge of another one. Bordering on the unbelievable that no-one else knew.






Should have been jail time…


To my boss, again.

My post from March 27th - boss just back tracked saying 7zip isn’t suitable and no one told him it needs to be installed on any PC you wish to open a password protected archive you created with it.