Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


pleased to say the factory let them off for the night !! so i should hope so !!!


That was a waste of time then.


All that production time down the drain, and the worker units will now be demoralised and working at sub-optimal efficiency.


no , i think they would have been very bitter with the company if they had not let them off to watch it . hardly a way to engage your staff to work with pride


I was joking…


Scattering seeds on gravel and sand @Rob998. You are wasted here…(regularly).



fucking flying ant day I do not advise going commando with loose shorts on.


Noooo the vision just won’t go away. My eyes are bleeding :astonished:


Icelandic whaling cunts can have many.


No doubt for more ‘research’ and not food. No, definitely not food.


It’s disgusting. They’re trying to claim it’s a hybrid and dragging their feet over DNA testing. The only answer IMO is to take away their licence for any whaling whatsoever.


Into the precise seasoning and sauce to go with it.


I agree, but an Icelandic colleague of mine doesn’t that’ll stop them.


Glen Hoddle, for mumbling names he can’t pronounce


Glenn Hoddle for just about everything that comes out of his mouth


How does this enhance a pie?


Cockpunch to all of us for allowing that utter belmtard Mr Cat to post here. Unsurprisingly it is all under a different user name. More amusingly, he is claiming ‘fake news’ on his previous adventures under an alias. I presume Mr Cat is a tabby and the same shade as that lying tangerine smear currently golfing in Scotland.

Being able to fuck him off of it might be a good thing.


? Out him, out him !


I dunno Ólan, I think he’s trolling. If he’s not, it must be a uniquely soulless experience having to post as a yet another sockpuppet and actually keep in character without having the fun of causing trouble, which surely is the raison d’etre of a sockpuppet. I’d have some respect for him if he fronted up and apologised for being a cunt. On the other hand, if he hadn’t been such a cunt, this place wouldn’t exist…


Just make sure you have the right cat.

On the other hand don’t bother, they are both cunts.