Your server setup


How do people have their server system setup?

I have a Raspberry Pi, which is plugged into a TV although I usually access it remotely from a computer or phone. It’s got a permanently on 3TB drive, an occasionally on one (live backup), and one that is stored remotely as remote backup.

Software running on it:

  • Logitech media server, with extensive custom plugins
  • Samba server for sharing files, all the Windows PCs use this rather than their own drives for data
  • Syncthing, my current favourite thing, which syncs the phone photos and Windows drives onto the server
  • Plex server, which is great as it means you can play the movies stored on the server to a Chromecast
  • MiniDLNA, which would seem to be redundant now I have Plex, but it’s quick and easy, and more stable than Plex
  • Deluge, yay torrents
  • There’s OpenVPN on it so I can access it from outside the network as well

I might make my new NUC into a secondary server for backup purposes, as it’s in another room.

What do you all do for this kind of thing?






Intel NUC running Roon ROCK for music.

For other stuff…

2 x HP Z600 workstations running VMware 6.7 with 2 x 6 cores (24 x vCPU) + 96 GB RAM each + 12 TB of SSD vSAN storage

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Cisco network simulation shite.


And they say R2R is a faff.


2 x Synology NAS, both with 10Tb. One acts as a server for music, photos and other is for backups.


A Melco N1A for audio and an el cheapo WD NAS as general backup. Looking to get a Roon ROC unit up and running once I’ve sorted trivial details like a house to put it in.

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Roon nucleus +


Synology NAS.


Is the answer Cherry Jam?


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Synology NAS with LMS




HP z200 with 2TB raid 5 for family stuff inc music via logitech media server / squeeze
HP z800 with 5TB raid 10 with vmware esxi and various MS and SuSE servers for work
HP z820 with 20 cores and 128GB for modelling calcs
HP z440 with 6 cores and 32GB ram workstation for every day
a couple of Lenovo 5TB raid storage boxes for backup


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A 4gb ram something mobo with 8TB of hdd space running SME server 9.1 (Debian based I think). Everything turned off except Samba. Fileserver only. Wired connection to router/hub. Laptop in music room wired connectuon to router. Laptop runs Foobar and plays files from server. Very simple.