1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


Thanks to the West Country Posse for making it happen.
A weekend that will live long in the memory.


Many thanks for a great weekend
Throughly enjoyable way to talk bollox in beautiful surroundings
Look forward to the next one


Yep, it was absolutely brill - loved every minute of it :heart_eyes:

I can see this becoming a regular annual event in the AA calendar…

…and I’ll be the first on the list for next year :+1:




Haha, best avatar ever.


Anyone else think of this from the cape photos?


Can the mods change Jim’s tag line to ‘Little Purple Riding Hood’ :smile:


Well my ferry is about to leave Aberdeen 15 minutes early. No stopping at Orkney tonight so a mere twelve and a half hour crossing.

Many thanks to all of the guys who made this weekend possible, a fantastic effort and a resounding success! Great company, amazing food and a high quality main system to enjoy. A brilliant idea of Bob’s to lug an outdoor system there too.

I’ve had a fantastic weekend and it was well worth the effort to attend. I’d certainly do it again.

A special thanks to Guy (and Gill, of course for the lovely hospitality and making the trip much more easy for me to manage.

The die has been cast, so get thinking how you can organise a similar event in your own neck of the woods. I understand it would be a big ask to get a dozen or so to commit to traveling to Fetlar for a similar event, but I’m going to investigate the possibility all the same.


Would be Funzie


Where’s the nearest airport? Can’t be doing with the ferry thing as would be puking all the way there :grimacing:


Been checking barns out up this way and the are a few affordable possibilities worthy of further investigation.


did you have enough time in Aberdeen to have tea and cake with the pussies?


I have been looking as well.

Basically, I think that the guys did incredibly well to find Lopwell. The combination of outside fire pit seating area, sensible sized lounge and lack of fussiness seems winning.

What I’ve been finding have been generally a bit posher, which might be nice but actually might get rather annoying. Often they don’t have much of a lounge area either. Not sure I’ve found one with quite the amazing fire pit!

My favorite so far has a spiral slide to get from the upstairs kitchen/dining area to the living room :sunglasses:


My favorite so far has a spiral slide to get from the upstairs kitchen/dining area to the living room :sunglasses:

What could possibly go wrong


It would be a trip of a lifetime and I’d love to come. Can’t see me being able to bring much stuff beyond what I can carry but if you decide to open your doors then I’ll make the trek.


It is a sorry state of affairs when a man can’t burn pallets with abandon


Things are probably still the same as a while ago. Aberdeen to the rather dramatic Sumburgh.
Which gets you to the very southern tip of Shetland, pmac is on the northmost isle.
Not sure if the final bit can be done by air - intra-island ferry might be needed.


Just go ahead, build them high and burn them proudly. If anyone complains about it, claim ethnic, cultural and religious exceptionalism. You’ll be fine.


I have located one with a BBQ and pizza oven, covered outdoor seating etc. The only downside is that it is in bloody Yorkshire. Even I have standards! :slight_smile:


Build them high enough & you end up in government :+1: