General election 8th June


Did you check for infections first ?


Nope, just winged it…seems to be the style these days :slight_smile:


Looks like compromise will be on the menu. On the Tory side:
Hard Brexit: nope;
Endless Austerity: nope;

On the Labour side:
Massive giveaway: nope

But I’m guessing that increased spending on health, education and social care will get a yes. How do we pay for it: sort out HMRC and make everyone pay their fair share. I’m expecting to pay more tax, and won’t complain (too much) about doing so.

Sadly, Arlene Foster of the DUP is an utter nightmare. Allegedly corrupt and utterly inflexible (as is traditional with the DUP).


Truly repulsive.


yeah… it does look like that would have been the case



We’ll never know now will we - can only imagine Team Tory is currently lining up Mayhem’s replacement as we speak.


Nah, they’ll make her do the Brexit shit, then get shot… imo…


The usual suspects, individuals and companies, will still get out of paying it.

The squeezed middle class will end up bearing the brunt but then that will have knock on effects to the economy and housing market, and if house prices fall significantly and loads of people have negative equity then it will be an utter shitstorm.


Mayhem off to see Lizzy at 1230 with DUP backing.

DUP stating “no deal has been done”.

Consistent as ever :roll_eyes:


So the Torys have to take sides in Norn Ireland to have a chance of governing, when the NI devolved government has fallen apart. That can only go well…




Smol Peltzo‏
Just seen someone describe the DUP manifesto as "basically just the bible, with fortnightly bin collections"
Too real #ge2017


The DUP???
D for desperate ffs.


I think you’ll find it stands for Deeply Unpleasant People


Mayhem to go to Queen Liz to try to form government - yeah right.


Could this not just be sorted with a penalty shoot out?


I’m all for a Labour/Lib Dem government, that would be peachy.



England would still lose.