General election 8th June


I must admit to being relieved that the SNP won the Scottish vote but I fear indyref2 may well be off the table now.

I’m gutted that the Tories are able to cling on and frankly livid with those unionist Scots that preferred to vote fucking Tory of all things simply because they’re so frightened by the prospect of Scotland’s running its own affairs.


For balance…


I think they know that there are cunts to the north


The DERP party, a bunch of homophobic, climate denying, anti-abortion nutjobs





A proper leader would have just gone for the growler ala Trump :unamused:


:grin: Lovely use of the word growler there. Layers of meaning in this case. Well played Sir!


And another thing. If Corbyn loves campaigning so much and did such a great job during this campaign, where the fuck was he during the EU referendum campaign? He’s a cunt.


I’m gobsmacked.

I think it is a protest vote. I think labour could do wonderfully with a decent cabinet but it would be a slimey and hypocritical mess if the MPs suddenly crawled back in after the complete no confidence vote.

With JC I can’t see them wining a majority, particularly as I think the conservatives will get a good deal and then bin May, making the next election less of a cluster fuck. Labour need the big guns back and it’s going to be squirmy watching how the shadow cabinet is formed.
They are going to be open to double standards complaints if the majority u turn and come back.

It’s more than possible to govern when you are less than ten seats short, so I can’t see anything derailing the party unless they bin her and it forces another election. They would be mad to do that again.

JC is still miles off being close to number ten even with every man and his dog onside he’d just scrape it.

Bit of a dogs dinner for everyone. It’s no change in reality, just a lot of egg on faces and humiliation.


you could well be right, and it is (was) a protest vote. A protest at the conservatives having shown absolutely no sign that they have any social conscience at all, and are only interested in the top few % of the population . I found both main parties scary, and on balance JC’s mob marginally less so.
A voting choice a non of the above option would have suited me better.


Except that is exactly what they will do.
The Tories are ruthless around failure, May called the (unnnecesary) election and lost, she will go.

No new leader can operate without a mandate, and they will find it impossible to work with the swivel eyed DERP party so there will be another election in September/October.


They won’t call another election just to be ruthless.

They just saw what happens. They aren’t cretins.

There is zero chance on another election. So I can’t see any of them rocking the boat. Leave her to sort Brexit. See what happens. She has a mandate as she has a workable majority. It’s hardly like she needs to even negotiate much to get the Irish on board.

That’s a political vote mandate and they won’t be caring it’s not much of a moral one. A win is a win when the alternative is mayhem.

It’s embarrassing but politically feasible. The alternative is satisfying (coup) but electorally pointless and stupid.


You could describe the referendum and the election that way as well.


How can you reflect on the future?

Maybe it is a Politician thing?


I’m surprised you think this. We know that internal divisions over Europe brought down Mr Major’s government and were central to IDS having such a terrible time as leader of the Tory Party. We know the party wasn’t behaving before the election was called, you only have to look at the U-turn over tax at the budget to see this. These divisions have not gone away, if anything there are even more entrenched now. I cannot see the really hard line Brexit posse (Fox, Redwood et al) toeing the soft Brexit line. Similarly, I cannot see the Ken Clarkes of this world voting to uphold a hard Brexit.

Whatever about the mandate I am afraid that I don’t concur with this view about Ireland. I think NI will be an immediate and complete nightmare. Here is the thinking behind this view:

  1. The DUP and Sinn Fein need to negotiate a power sharing agreement under the terms of the Good Friday Treaty. Under normal circumstances this is fraught. The neutral umpire in the negotiations is the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. He cannot be neutral if his government is being supported by the DUP. Gerry Adams has spoken rather ominously about this today. I do not expect this to go away any time soon. I might point out that I am a strict pacificist and have no truck with either group whole are a blight on the country of my birth in my opinion.

  2. Arlene Foster is at best irresponsible and at worst corrupt. Google for ‘Cash for Ash’ if you need information. As a member of the DUP she is utterly inflexible. The Shinner are also highly dubious and inflexible. This won’t make for easy times. As Adams point out today agreements between Loyalists and the Tory party tend ‘to end in tears’. I cannot see a power sharing agreement by June 26th.

  3. The DUP have extraordinary views about many things. A very old Irish joke suggests that their manifesto is an orange bible with fortnightly bin collections. The SF manifesto being identical save for the use of a green bible. We know there are tensions between Ruth Davidson and Theresa May over many points. Do we really see Arlene Foster being a source of compromise between Davidson and May.

My guess is that we will all be off to vote again before the end of the year. This will entail a new leader for the Tories as May is a dead duck. Expect the leadership contest over the summer unless something extraordinary happens. I’ll be fairly surprised if they manage to get agreement on the text of the Queen’s speech, let along get Parliamentary ratification for it.

I’m amazed with these goings on. I thought a Tory majority of 30-50 seats was a nailed-on certainty but my feeling is that they are on the nose now in terms of policy (they offered nothing and even then it was uncosted) and credibility. I wonder if Labour can keep it together long enough to take advantage. They knew they couldn’t win so could offer everything in the manifesto. Next time around they should win so will have to have to offer something less than the moon on a stick and some hope.


Conservative & Unionist Negotiating Team.

I think, as an acronym, this is appropriate :thumbsup:


@ htm_1968

Fucking academics! photo smash.gif

I said all that in two sentences up there! :grinning:


Good point. Here is a concise response:

Get to fuck.



They hand out PhD’s for long essays not pithy one liners Kev.