General election 8th June


I wonder if Sinn Fein might be tempted to send their 7 MPs to Westminster this time. Might put the cat among the pigeons.


What? And have them swear allegiance to Liz? Not a cats chance in Crufts.


Absolutely no way. They always stand as an abstentionist party.


But they’re friends of Jeremy Corbyn aren’t they?


Yes, that is one of the reasons there is no shooting going on. Someone was brave enough to negotiate. Would that we could send BoJo into such a hostile atmosphere and expect much other than the return of a rotund and bloated body bag.


Times change. Maybe this is the time for Sinn Fein to be brave and participate in a progressive alliance at Westminster.


“For fuck sake, it’s that horrible May woman. Let’s just pretend we’re not in.”


Yep. And maybe the DUP will will have lunch with the Pope, the Murdoch Press will tell the truth.

Actually, the Shinners have non-participation as a manifesto item. They’d probably get turfed out by their own voters for taking part…


So according to Crispin Blunt “the electorate got it plainly wrong”. Not quite “the will of the people” now, is it?


Ah. I didn’t know that. It’s really not going to happen then. Pity.


This has been the case since partition I think. Amongst other things, they object to the oath of allegiance. They, and the Duppers, are a bunch of cunts of the lowest order.

Meanwhile, Ruth Davidson offers an olive branch to Arlene Foster…

:wink: Strong and stable, with plenty of continuity.


Just emailed my MP and told him to get off his Blairite arse and support his leader. The twat actually said at one point the a vote for him was not a vote for Corbyn. Well it bloody was and he should be be deselected if he doesn’t start to toe the line.

I expect I will get another platitudinous reply just like the last time I bollocked him when he voted against the party leadership and voted for bombing in Syria.


The DUP are batshit crazy. If you think UKIP were a bunch of loons, they are amateurs compared to the Orange Lodge. It wouldn’t surprise me if they demanded compulsory bowler hats and sash wearing on July 12 as a condition of their support.

No way are Sinn Fein (just as bad in their own particular way…) going to negotiate to get the Stormont assembly going again with a government propped up by this lot.

This partnership is going to be fucking horrendously damaging.


Do tell???


Lazy, I know, but here you go.



Proof that you should never seek a butchers opinion about anything other than meat :meat_on_bone:


Labour confirmed winners in Kensington by 20 votes.

A mate told me that the swing was due to the influx of Russian millionaires into the area :grinning:


Triple Stolichnayas all around comrades! Nostrovia!!!


2227 votes short apparently.


I do like News Thump.