General election 8th June


I’m not going to do a link to a pdf and get Jon in strife with the copyright gestapo. I’ve posted an excerpt and a link from the comments section.



Only a month to go to July 12th
Wonder what their ‘demands’ will be?


I shudder to think what the marching season might be like if they’re suddenly allowed to resume their ‘traditional’ marching routes.


One thing that is constantly underestimated is just how fragile the peace in Ulster is. Any shift in the balance of power is likely to be disastrous. Imagine how insecure the Nationalists feel at present. There is the potential for disaster here.


Nicked from the Guardian in reference to Timothy and Hill resigning:

Charles Walker, a senior member of the 1922 Committee, said, before the two resigned, that such a move was not necessary. “I am pissed off with everyone sounding off. Everyone should shut the fuck up and get on with making sure we can run the country.


A senior member of the 1922 Committee swearing? I thought they would only stoop to send their underbutler in to deliver the f-word. How times change…


All it requires to trigger a leadership challenge is 48 letters from sitting Tory MPs to the 1922 Committee.

I wonder how many they have received already?


The DUP are not total loonies then. The deal is for confidence and supply. Teresa will lube up for Arlene on a vote-by-vote basis.



Fuck knows what that arrangement is likely to cost all of us.

How the fuck did we get here ?


Mr Cameron was responsible for the primary clusterfuck that leads us to this clusterfuck. The ultimate in clusterfuckage awaits us…


I get that bit but a lame duck PM jumping in to bed with a bunch of swivel eyed terrorist sympathiser loons FFS.

Wouldn’t even make a believable pantomine.


Yep, a PM who slaughtered her main opposition for being a terrorist sympathiser jumps into bed with terrorist sympathisers.
Needs must and all that. “They may be terrorist sympathisers, but they’re our terrorist sympathisers”


One government’s boggle eyed terrorist sympathisers are another government’s patriots.

This whole mess is down to unprincipled cuntery. Major, who I have great respect for, refused to have anything to do with the DUP, eventually at the cost of his place as PM. He gets surprisingly little credit for this, or for his pivotal role in driving the peace process in NI.

The current mess in Downing Street is down to the lack of spine displayed by a succession of cowards in my view. Cozying up to the DUP is fine if you have no regard for the consequences of your actions.

EDIT: Sorry @keith1962 there is an echo in here…




You are rong. This came up in my FB feed:

Arlene for God-Empress. I have seen the light, and it is Orange…


You are rong, simply because you are ON Flapsbook


Damnation awaits you infidel. Worship the Orange. Become one with your inner Jaffa or suffer the consequences.


Orange ? Yellow ?

I can see where your misplaced allegiance comes from, colour displacement ?




I can’t help but think that if the antichrist did fly into Belfast and met Arlene Foster they would soon find out that they had a lot in common.