General election 8th June


The Tories are in a tricky place re brexit,with Ukip and many of there own MPs pulling them to the right,whilst May knows she has to go left.

Michael Hesletine was interesting this morning on the radio.


I think the youth support for Corbyn will actually grow. The realisation that their vote does make a difference is very powerful.
It doesn’t take a lot for internet memes to go viral…
It could achieve it’s own momentum (sic).


In a new election the Tories would come back to the centre right, Corbyn won’t have an answer to this, his full hand is revealed so to speak. A party that occupies either left or right just won’t win, or have I missed something?


This is very valid too.

ALL of my 4 early 20’s children and the vast majority of their friends voted Labour.

My children got a massive buzz from seeing their vote ‘make a difference’.

They are still talking about it !


Interesting article


I was fairly anti Corbyn until fairly close to the election, but his open, honest answers when he was finally given a clear run at the media, plus the tuition fees thing (if Labour managed 2 terms, that would be my kids through Uni without £40k+ of debt…) swung me from a protest Lib Dem vote.

When Abbott finally “went on sick leave” that removed the final obstacle for me. I’m absolutely certain I’m not the only one, in all kinds of constituencies.


I don’t think it matters what the Tories come back to. They have lost support of many moderates. You don’t loose seats like Canterbury because people were a bit miffed. As Kevin said the electorate is changing and Corbyn is the person who has woken the dormant youth. The Tories have no one who can attract them, all the while they are loosing more moderate support.


Except facts can be misleading, the Tories had the highest proportion of votes since 1983, it’s how they’ve been spread that’s counted for Labour…




You know what, for the first time in maybe 20 years, I’m actually excited about politics, rather than in a pit of resignation about the state of it.

There’s going to be another GE before 18 months, and I’m actually looking forward to it…


I think you’ve missed the fact that the Tories have shown themselves to be an incompetent shower of self-serving opportunists. Not content with feeding much of the country and public services on misery for the past seven years, they’re now feeding us political chaos. People are getting fed up. Hence why Labour is now six points in the lead in the latest Survation poll (the only polling company to get the election result almost spot-on with their final pre-election poll).

I must say that Corbyn was sounding very confident and prime ministerial on Marr this morning. May was hiding away at church, smiling nervously and saying nothing.


Same as that Rob.

Maybe, just maybe, things could change for the better. Certainly can’t get any worse, politically anyway.


Praying to her imaginary sky friend for a miracle no doubt.


The DUP will have the blasphemy police round to your gaff next week with an attitude like that.


I’ll stab them in the eyes with a used cheese and pineapple cocktail stick.


Wot, no sausage ?


Cocktail sausages would be beyond their comprehension:


Yet they still won more seats


Yes they did.
Labour are also now 6 points up in the polls.
I appreciate the polls haven’t exactly been reliable but a 6% swing to Labour would give them a decent majority.
It is all about trend. That is only going one way right now.


Before loo gets too excited, let’s just remember that Jeremy Corbyn came second to an idiot.

State of British politics today.