General election 8th June


It’s not exactly clear what your point was, so no.

I don’t think Corbyn has been criticising the deal today because the DUP are terrorists or even terrorist sympathisers. So I presume it’s not him you’re accusing of hypocrisy.


I was criticising the faux rage that seems to have been generated by the Tories doing this deal with “terrorists” when a fortnight ago the same people were defending JC over his talks with “terrorists”. See?


Ok, I admit it. You had me fooled with that. I thought you were just being a great big penis. Sorry about that.



I think the rage is more about the shaking of the magic money tree & compromising themselves to stay in power. Oh & perhaps the negative impact it will have on a successful resumption of the GFA. I can’t recall reading anything about supposed terrorist links, more about some of the odder & somewhat illiberal policies of the unionists.


Well I can get behind that, but as you’ll see further up the thread there are quotes about terrorists.





Send Arlene to negotiate Brexit, could prove a bargain transfer window :smile:


Where would you find a translator ?



Terrorists everywhere these days. Some nutter threatens to attack a local pub holding an LGBT support event and he is deemed to be a terrorist. Local police deemed it a hate crime but for some reason it is being investigated by Manchester CTU. The local police then go on to waffle about increased presence on the streets etc…

At lest the police confirmed that last week’s axe attack in my town wasn’t terrorist related, which was nice of them.


Very comforting to be attacked by an axe-wielding maniac with no particular ideological grudge. :hammer:


I much prefer your common or garden variety. it was more of a melee to be honest, with both sides wielding said axe, even the victim got arrested in his hospital bed. Got to love my town!


Bang to rights


Axe to man size proportion error!


You can tell him…


Bob, your chopper’s too small :joy:


Did you used to consult on the Morecambe and Wise show?



Too obvious to resist.



Now you complain?


I was protecting your feelings.