In the market for an arm for a delphi mk4


Don’t get too comfortable. The owner can & probably will nuke it all at any time.


Helpfully, I can now update the forum software without having to log into the server as root.


Personally I’d still log on as root just for that added frisson of danger.


It was better in every area of sound reproduction from top to bottom. Much better bass than the SME. The SME went and I still have the Tri-planar. 'nough said. It worked well on the Acutus and the Oracle. Lets see how it does on the Viridia.


very interesting.

I’m particularly enjoying the sme’s grip, resolving power, focus, sense of control and lack of sibilants.

One thing in the sme’s favour is i know I’ll be happy with it cos I’m enjoying the loaner very much. But of course we always want more

Dominic Harper’s Mrs told me the Triplanar is the only arm she aspires to


Speak to ICHM as he has too many Tri-planars. I can only thank him once again for selling me mine with an Acutus armboard as well.


Meh, there is no such thing as too many, it’s only two.


You’ll need a Helius Cyalene or such… well I never what is that next to the Tri-planar?


Thanks. What do they generally go for ? I can see a mkvi for sale new for £1995 in a sale , is that a fair price for a new one ?


“Better bass” as in, you can hear more detail, fibre, pitch, texture ? more of what the musician is doing ? more space around the player, sounds more like a bass ?

or “better” as in louder ?

hope that doesn’t seem flippant, i can’t assume everybody enjoys the same things.

I played a flatmate a particularly inspired and original Richard Thompson solo once and he said “ooh that’s fast”. I said nothing.
fast ?? wtf

I’m also mystified by the expression “Musical”. what the hell else is there ?

either you can hear more accurately what the musicians recorded or you can’t, surely ?


Not this.

My speakers in my room, which sucks bass like a black hole, are a little bass reticent even with 12" bass drivers.

More depth and tunefulnes rather than volume and all of “you can hear more detail, fibre, pitch, texture ? more of what the musician is doing ? more space around the player, sounds more like a bass” as you correctly describe it.

Listening to London Grammar at the moment so obvioulsy I have no musical taste/refinement.


People say their system sounds “musical” when it actually sounds “shit” :laughing:


Oh “musical”, my system sounds “shit” !


You are Serge’s trolling meme


Musical is not really a term that is very useful with respect to HiFi. The music should be musical; the HiFi should reproduce the source material accurately.

I find that “musical” terms tend to be used for systems that have aberrations that some people like. So a lack of deep bass and a prominence of mid bass might be “rhythmic”, a rolled off treble is “relaxed”, an upper mid peak is “exciting” and so on. They’re usually just frequency response issues. Oh and second or third harmonic distortion.


From Now on Mr MWS will describe sound in comparison to ex girlfriends & sexual exploits imagined or otherwise.

SME sounds like nadine, stiff lacking passion and energy. Come to think of it she was a bit too thin and somewhat dull


The WB went some time ago in exchange for an FR 64fx
I also have an AN Arm 1-3 and an AN 1s
Should really get round to trying them all with the IO


Wow. Sounds like i need to add the tri-planar to my shortlist then.

Which version have you got?


ps. I wish my room sucked bass like a black hole ! I’ve got GIK acoustics bass tri-traps right up all the corners floor to ceiling, monster bass traps behind me, on the ceiling and on 1st reflection points and I’d still like more bass trapping.

but then my lil stone cottage listening room is only 13 feet long 12 wide 8 high …

and yes, that is half a dead squirrel , not an ambient RF field absorber


Fuckin’ luxury. 6’5" here.