Northants - Saturday 11 March


Can use my cd player or I have an old yamaha hd player with a cd


Sorry Pete, I’m out.


No worries. Do you still want to try the squeezebox touch, I can post out to you.


Jeez, you’ve bailed so many times lately, you should wear a parachute :laughing:


I’m sorted now Pete. I’m taking the easy route of PC to DAC.

Thanks for the offer though.


Don’t rub it in. Working shifts which are changeable is a pain in the arse. My bailing looks worse because I get my name down early having missed out for being too slow in the past :grinning:


It’s a shame - you’re such good fun at a bake :grin:


Oi ! At least I bring beer :sunglasses:


Pete, at home Kevin uses M7 into Ongaku. Fancy trying it?


Yes, on the proviso you don’t bring Kevin’s credit card machine :smiley:



Yep I will do that


Sorry I can’t make this, complications at home :unamused:


No problem.


Room for a little un :smile:


That rules out 99% of the AA.:stuck_out_tongue:



Keep cocking up the reply thing … fortunately we banned all the technical failure piss taking threads


Did he explain why he does that?


No, I didn’t ask him.


Is it a phono ?


Mine? No.